Naver Matome – [Updated 11/22] Kuroko no Basket threats – Roundup of the posts by the culprit [The Reaper in mourning]

In the light of the recent announcement by the Comic Market staff, I thought I’d put this out for anyone who wants to know more about what’s going on with the recent spate of incidents.

Translated from this Naver Matome, which is a compilation of posts by the alleged on 2ch.. Some parts are omitted because they are reposts of reports from official sources regarding the cancellation of events.

Posts on 11/20 (Tuesday) on the Sophia University discussion thread, allegedly by the culprit.

“I am the one behind the widely discussed threats related to the Kuroko no Basket franchise. I believe Animate and the Ikebukuro store has already received my warnings. Even so, they have ignored my words and decided to open a Kuroko cafe… I’ll take it as an insult and a challenge to myself.”

“I will not forgive you! I will not forgive you! I will not forgive you! I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you”

“I will not forgive you!!!!!! Which is why I have decided to commit suicide in Animate Tennouji. I will return to the darkness and leave behind many rotten pussies in my wake. My purifying light of judgment will cleanse the building. You lot can shiver in fear and wait for the moment of the final judgment.

The Seraph who will purify Kuroko – The Reaper in Mourning”

Three minutes later.

“I now know all too well that Fujimaki thought nothing of that incident. I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you I will not forgive you!!!!!!!!!”

“I will disappear, like a sandpiper in the dead of night on a plain of snow, struck dead by the gun of a hunter. But it will not be for naught. I will smear Kuroko in the blood of judgment.

I will target some of these places next-

12/24 Heiwajima
12/16 Nagoya
12/24 Hakata
12/22~23 Makuhari
11/23~12/30 Tennouji
Finally, 12/30 – Ariake

I will now go for a look at Hakata.
I’ll see you next on the newspapers.”

The letter.

Allegedly sent by the culprit. Was addressed to Animate Tennouji Store, where the Kuroko Cafe was to be held.

The threat

Asked for the cancellation of the cafe, as the culprit did not want to commit a mass murder.

The second threat letter

With the same request as the first letter, phrased in a violent/vulgar way.

The sender identified himself as “The awakened hunter of Kuroko The Reaper in Mourning”

The Kurobas cafe was canceled.

Other posts allegedly by the culprit

“There’s only one reason for why I’m doing this!
It’s because I hate Fujimaki Tadatoshi, graduate of Sophia University and now a popular manga artist. Fujimaki took everything away from me. I wanted to take revenge on Fujimaki directly, but unfortunately I don’t know where he stays. I had no choice but to attack his manga. If you’re angry, then hate Fujimaki!

I’m not going to run or hide. If you ask Fujimaki, he probably knows exactly who I am. If he pretends not to know, you can easily find out by asking Fujimaki’s high school and university friends.

You better watch out, Shueisha, Toyama High, and you kurobas-crazed fujoshi!

The Reaper in Mourning will massacre the Kuroko franchise.”

Other replies to questions.

What is your motive?

To put it simply, it’s revenge.

Why only now?

Fujimaki set the flags. The triggers were Toyama, Sophia U, Basketball and doujinshi. I was pushed to do this because of the recent popularity of Kuroko among the doujinshi scene. This is why I targeted Toyama High and Sophia University and doujinshi event companies/organizers and the anthology publishers. There’s been people on the internet trying to do profiling on me, but at first I hadn’t planned on targeting Shueisha or the anime studios. Fujimaki’s success in Jump and the series getting an anime annoyed me, but it wasn’t enough to become a trigger to crime. These companies were not part of my plan at first. Fujimaki had graduated from Toyama, entered Sophia University, created a successful basketball manga, and that series gained considerable popularity among doujinshi creators. These were the four things that caused me to lose control of my feelings.

What exactly is the issue you have against Fujimaki?

I can’t tell you now. If I do, I will end up causing trouble for two people who care a lot for me. It’s Fujimaki’s fault that I can’t meet them anymore. Please don’t misunderstand, they are both alive.

Why didn’t you try to talk to Fujimaki directly instead of causing such a huge incident?

I’ve met Fujimaki before, but I don’t have his contact details. Rather, the two people I mentioned above are much closer to him than I am. Previously, I tried to contact him through a different way, but by that time, Fujimaki had already left Sophia University. I had no other way of contacting him.

In the first place, if I knew where Fujimaki lived I would have stabbed him with a knife already. I’ve always hated him, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Who are these two people you mentioned? What are they like?

I’ll refer to one of them as I-san. He’s been my senior since I was a kid, and he’s really handsome. Even when I faced a lot of oppression from my parents, was bullied in school and generally ignored by everyone in the area, he was the only one who stood up for me. If not for I-san, I would have killed myself back then. I-san played basketball since he was a kid. He got into the most prestigious high school in our area, and got into Sophia after that, but he dropped out of university.

However, dropping out wasn’t I-san’s decision. When I came to Tokyo, I managed to contact him, but after he dropped out, we lost all contact. The other person is K-kun. He’s my former colleague at the part-time job I took on after the incident. He’s also very handsome.

I was prone to making mistakes, my superiors always yelled at me and I was the subject of scorn, but he was the only person who spoke to me. He’s younger than me, but as a human being he’s very mature. He’s also a graduate of Toyama High, and is currently in the basketball club.
He got into a good university (Not Sophia), but he dropped out and went to vocational school. When I got to know him at my job, he was already in vocational school. Because we were both from Toyama High, we both knew Fujimaki. However, he didn’t seem particularly close to Fujimaki. As a result of the trouble I had with Fujimaki, we had to cut our ties with each other.

In other words, you liked these two people?

Next to where I lived there was a large gymnasium, and there were many basketball matches held there. I happened to see I-san in his basketball uniform one day. He looked so good in it… and before I knew it, I had used the image of I-san in his basketball uniform…

I made up an excuse to get K-kun to show me his graduation album. He looked really good in it too. I wanted to see him wear it in real life, so I told him “A female friend of mine who’s trying to become a manga artist is looking for reference pictures of basketball players from various angles. You’ll be paid for it too, so why don’t you try?”. I got a female acquaintance to take the pictures, and paid him for it. That female acquaintance was actually a P.I. I hired, and I received the photographs later. They’re still my treasure today.

Just to be clear, I had no relationship of the physical sort with the aforementioned two.
And of course, I am sure they had no such relationship with Fujimaki.

Is the reason why you’re so attached to Toyama and Sophia because of these two people?

That’s right. To me, Toyama and Sophia are almost holy places. I’ve always wondered what my life would be like if I had gone to these schools, and why we seem to have lived in different societies despite having been born in the same place and age.

So the reason why you are attached to basketball because you have a basketball uniform fetish?

That is right.

What kind of crap parents did you have for you to become such a dirty adult?

They were abusive parents. They hit and kicked me when I was a child. They seemed to hate it when I was happily playing.
I ran away from home once when I was 16, and I’ve never had a chance to watch anime, read manga or play games.
That became one of the reasons why I was bullied in school. I couldn’t keep up with their conversation. However, to say that I’ve never been exposed to any such material for all my 16 years then would be a lie. I-san showed me a Jump manga once. I was surprised to learn about the world of manga.
I asked my parents if I could read it, but then my dad tried to strangle me, and my mom hit me with a glass container.

Seems like you’ve got parents that care for your education. Couldn’t you have gone to Sophia if you had put more effort into your studies?

Like how they hated it when I was playing, my parents didn’t like it when I was studying. When I opened my textbooks, I was hit and kicked again.

“You don’t have any need to study. Don’t even think about going to high school. You’re going to get out there and work as soon as you’re done with middle school. I’ve talked to the people I know at the construction companies.” was what my dad often said to me. However, they also get mad at me when I got poor results.

In that situation, there was no way I could study. Someone apparently told my parents that “It’s better to let him complete high school for appearances’ sake”, so I managed to get into high school in the worst school of my area.

I was also bullied in that school, but in my second semester my dad arranged for me to quit school without telling me.

After that, I was made to work in a construction company. I didn’t receive a salary but I got an allowance of 20000 yen a month from the kindness of the company head. I later found out that my mom had bought a French vase from that company head for 200,000 yen, and in exchange I had to work for free for a year and a half.

In this day and age, I had been sold as a slave in exchange for a vase. I don’t have a clear recollection of that time, but I hit my parents with all my strength and caused both of them to lose consciousness.

I took all the money they had, gathered some clothes and a rubbish bag, and with all that in hand I left for Tokyo. I found work at a bar in Kabuki-chou. Fujimaki was probably enjoying the peak of his youth at Toyama nearby.

Were you poor?

I was the only one who led a poor life in that house. When I was born, my father was drawing an annual salary of 5000000 yen, so when I left the house, his annual salary had been twice that amount. However, my parents refused to spend any of their money on me. I was the only child. After I left for Tokyo, my life of poverty continued. I’ve experienced sleeping on the streets.

How does doujinshi come into all this?

I first found out about doujinshi when I went into a shop in Ikebukuro. Though I was leading a life of poverty then, I used what little money I had to purchase various books to read. I soon found respect for the creators of such books. However, it was impossible for me to have such aspirations, from the environment I was brought up in as a kid. My dad tried to kill me at the mere mention of manga. This could have been true of the generation of creators of the Tokiwa Mansion, but for creators in their 20s~50s now, such parents probably don’t exist. My life never allowed for the opportunity to pursue my aspirations.

In reading these fan-works, I became curious about the original works they were derived from, and soon I found respect for the creators of the original works as well.

I suppose you’ve read those Slam Dunk yaoi doujinshis, haven’t you? Did you fap to them?

My personal rule is to not fap to doujinshi. If I read a Slam Dunk doujinshi, I think I might fap to it, which is why I’ve never touched a Slam Dunk doujinshi, much less the original work. When I saw the newspapers speculating that the culprit might be a hardcore Slam Dunk fan, I couldn’t help but laugh.
I don’t care if Kuroko no Basket is a Slam Dunk ripoff. Let me say this again, Slam Dunk has nothing to do with this. When I used the word ‘Parody’ in my threat letters, I was referring specifically to doujinshi and fan-works. I’m sorry if the meaning was ambiguous.

To sum this all up, Fujimaki was involved in an incident which led to the loss of two people you value, and in revenge for that, the four triggers, ‘Toyama’, ‘Sophia’, ‘Basketball’, and ‘Doujinshi popularity’ led you to stage all this?

Thank you for the concise summary. Please spread it on Twitter as well.

If Fujiyama wasn’t a graduate of Toyama, if he hadn’t gone to Sophia, if his manga wasn’t about basketball, if the series wasn’t such a hit with the fujoshi. If one of these factors were missing, I would have committed suicide quietly and left it at that.

If Fujimaki had been born somewhere else, and attended some other school, I wouldn’t have cared.
If Fujimaki’s manga was about some other sport, or of another genre, I wouldn’t have cared.
If Kuroko no Basket was more popular among the male readership, if it sold as well as One Piece, or was as popular internationally as Naruto, I wouldn’t have cared.

What’s with your childish handle name? The Reaper in Mourning? You think you’re a poet?

When I planted the substances in Sophia, I was wearing mourning clothes. When I bought the necessary materials and during preparation, I always wear mourning clothes. If the plan at Sophia had gone through, I would have become a true reaper.

Obviously, there were definitely witnesses who saw me in that suspicious get-up at Sophia. I’m sure the police are also aware of this. It’s just that no one has reported it yet. See, this is something that only the culprit would know.

By the way, I have zero respect for Kubo Tite as a creator. I tried to read Bleach, but it was so boring I dropped it at the second volume.

Targeting Sophia University’s basketball club doesn’t conform to your motives as discussed so far. Didn’t you rever it as a ‘holy’ place?

I’ve thought about it and my mind’s a mess, but Sophia’s basketball club is, to me, the crux of my desires. I went to their website and saved all their photographs. However, as you might imagine, I am still a virgin when it comes to all this. I really want to rape those club members… which was why my prime targets of murder were those members. It wasn’t in hate in which I would kill, but to kill as an idea of rape.

I was greatly disappointed when no one was harmed in that incident. I learned later that the first person who opened the lid to the container was the manager. I don’t see any point in killing her. I’m glad it failed.

When will you be satisfied? What do you want out of this?

I want Fujimaki to apologize. Fujimaki knows how to contact me, if he wants to. I’ve not moved, nor changed my number. Once Fujimaki apologizes, I’ll turn myself in to the police. I’ll put in my testimony, “Fujimaki is not in the wrong. He is the victim in this case. I was just jealous of his academic accomplishments and success. The stories about revenge were all my imagination.”.
That can be the truth for official records.
Fujimaki may not have deliberately caused the trouble he made back then, either.
All I want is an apology. Once I get what I want, I’ll put an end to everything.

What if you don’t get what you want?

The fact that I haven’t been arrested means that Fujimaki refuses to speak, or his acquaintances are keeping quiet about this matter. It may also be because he doesn’t remember me at all, and has no idea what this is about. I think this is quite likely.
Just by thinking about that possibility makes my blood boil… So I decided to increase the number of targets.

I’ve sent the threat to 26 other locations. I’ve mailed them after my trip to Intex Osaka. The mail stamp should indicate that it’s been posted from the Suminoe district in Osaka. I used green envelopes for all 26 locations. This is something that only the culprit would know, right? I’m not just saying that I won’t run or hide. Let me warn you, I’m different from those online threats who’ve attacked otaku events in the past. I’m serious enough to bring large amounts of fatal substances to Sophia. I’ve sent the threat letters to all Kuroko no Basket events and companies related to the anime production. I’ve also sent them to the schools the manga was based on. Let me also tell you that I have prepared a 16 litre amount of lime sulfur, previously for my own suicide.

I wonder how I should use it now? I won’t make the same mistake as I did at Sophia again this time.

I’ve heard that you sent a letter to Big Sight, so where else did you send the letters to?

It seems like the case is being referred to as a serial threat letter incident, but that is wrong. To be exact, I sent all those threats simultaneously. Before I carried out my work at Sophia, I sent all those letters from a post box outside Sophia. All the post marks should be the same. I used a pink envelope then. Convinced now? The letters were probably reported at different times to the police, so it’s being treated as a serial case.

I’ve sent letters to the Kuroko no Basket doujinshi event organizing companies, AkaBoo and Studio YOU. I’ve also sent them to all the venues the doujinshi event would be held at, which includes Tokyo Big Sight. I didn’t send a letter to Comiket the first time round because they don’t do genre-specific events. I did send them a letter as part of the 26 new locations, though. I’ve also sent one to Toyama. I didn’t send it to Sophia, but I just taped it below the bottle of hydrogen sulphide. Lastly, I sent it to four to five publishers putting out Kuroko anthologies. One of them is Fusion Product.

I shouldn’t be the one to say this, but shouldn’t Akaboo and Studio YOU have properly announced that they received the threats too? For the safety of the attendees.

What was that liquid you left at Sophia and the powdered substance you sent?

I stuffed a 12 litre toilet detergent bottle full of lithopone at Sophia. If you want to know what lithopone is, google it.
I went to several shops all over the place to buy small bottles of it, but I realized later that there were places that sold it in bulk.
Of course, I was using it to create large amounts of hydrogen sulphide. But it wasn’t effective enough, so using that substance was a mistake, though it was convenient. I guess lime sulphur is more effective. The powder I sent is also lithopone.

Why did you leave Kuroko merchandise with the substance at Sophia?
It’s bait. I was hoping to give the impression that “the culprit was a huge fan”. I even went all the way to Jump Shop to buy it. I hated the thought that Fujimaki might be getting money from that but I had no other choice.

What do you think of Kuroko no Basket? Please put aside your hatred of Fujimaki and tell us your review.

To tell you the truth, just by seeing Fujimaki’s name on the cover totally puts me off reading it. Still, I forced myself to read it before I started these incidents. I have two things to say.

Firstly, in a way, the characters don’t have enough ‘darkness’ to them. You can tell from the story that the author was brought up in a good environment, had good parents, and led a fulfilling school life. He thanked his parents in the foreword of his books, and in the afterword, he mentioned going golfing with his father… I wonder why our lives are so different…
There’s a saying that position makes the man, but in this case, his position gave him his skills.

Any last comments?

This is to the police. If you have time to do your sloppy checks on my IP address, hurry up and arrest me already. Also, there are two other things that only I, as the culprit, would know.

Two days before what I did at Sophia, I left the container at a coin locker in Yotsuya. I was wearing mourning clothes, so I definitely looked suspicious. As I thought, I was questioned by a policeman. However, he was easily convinced after I made up a bunch of excuses. I would like to apologize to that policeman back then. I was really going to commit a crime.

Another thing was that after I first posted the threat on the Sophia University thread, I received an IP disclosure request from the police.
It was my mistake to not have used a proxy when I posted back then. I believe the police already know my IP, so I’ll just post it here. I was writing from a net cafe in Urayasu, Chiba.

Lastly, if I’m not caught, I plan on committing suicide within this year. Please check for fingerprints on the substances I sent. If I die right now in Okayama, I think I can turn this into a cold case forever.


58 thoughts on “Naver Matome – [Updated 11/22] Kuroko no Basket threats – Roundup of the posts by the culprit [The Reaper in mourning]

  1. meodien1812 says:

    Thanks a lot for translating this one – It’s really helpful! Now I can get the whole picture.
    Just wonder why he hasn’t got caught yet.
    Poor Fujimaki-sensei.

    If there’s any more updates from this culprit, would you please translate them as well?

  2. psychobabble says:

    Just reading this infuriates me beyond belief.
    Such a bitter, horrid individual. I’m beyond words now.

  3. maq says:

    *facepalm* How immature is this guy?

  4. agj;oerg says:

    I’ll fight him.

  5. bottlehead says:

    Twisted person, he needs help.

  6. Tiffany says:

    startrant// Ugh, frankly, I think this guy is absolutely immature. Yes, he went through hardships, but he isn’t the only one out there that has been through hardships. And taking his anger and want for revenge out on other, innocent people isn’t fair.
    If all he really wants is an apology, he wouldn’t have sent threat letters with substances in them, because in reality, people who want apologies usually wait quietly, and maybe forever for them because people don’t know they want an apology. Normal people don’t go out sending substances and threat messages and endanger lives of other people. Ugh. There could have been so many other things that the culprit could have done with his life, instead. //endrant

  7. Wija says:

    i thought i’d hate this person at first but after reading this through… gawd i’ll just feel stupid for hating him/her.

    so i give up. i just want to hit them in the balls/vagina just in case though. LOL

  8. Kiunky says:

    What surprises me is the complete ineptitude of the japanese police and their messy detectives. I just imagine the guys from any police deparment of the U.S. or elsewhere with competent detective work would solve this in a year at most.

    • rbeth272 says:

      You mean like how the American police caught the unabomber so quickly? O.o Also it has not even been a year I don’t think. Give it a break the US police also have many, many unsolved crimes.

      • Hans says:

        The unibomber didn’t exactly give out this much information. The unsolved crimes are unsolved because there is a lack of info. I mean really, this dude might as well draw a map to his house. Seriously, Japanese detective work is a joke.

  9. Cato says:

    I really don’t want to be hateful, but the urge to punch this person is so overwhelming at the moment. So many people in the world have gone through some immense shit, but you don’t see many of them taking it out on the joy of others.

  10. airco says:

    He really sounds like human scum through and through, tough childhood be damned. The year’s almost over, so at least he’ll (supposedly) commit suicide soon and save us all some headaches.

    I don’t even read gay basketball manga.

  11. […] Apparently our terrorist has been making his way onto 2ch to rant about his motives, plans and decision to commit sucide if he’s not caught within a year. Source can be found here and the translated version of his postings can be found here. […]

  12. Sei says:

    This… I understand that he/she was having such a hard life, but whatever he/she has been saying about revenge to Fujimaki-san still doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like I was reading a desperate psychopath’s letter saying “Hey, I’m gonna suicide and I want people to look at me, then why not I make a riot!” -__-

    I believe I’m not the only one who thinks this person is a female. And probably didn’t really know about Fujimaki-san before KuroBas became hits. She doesn’t even stated what happened to those two people, so I can’t really buy her reasonings for hating Fujimaki-san and can only look at her as someone who’s jealous of Fujimaki-san for now.

    • shokupan says:

      Regarding the gender of the poster, In the thread, he uses the first-person pronoun 俺 (Ore), and for 自分は二次では絶対に抜かないと決めている (which I translated as My personal rule is to not fap to doujinshi.), where he used ‘nuku’ 抜く, which is a common reference to male masturbation.

      • Sei says:

        Thanks for the explanation :D
        …which also means that he’s… well, that makes much more sense as to why he’s ‘jealous’ of Fujimaki-sensei…

  13. I wish to be unnamed says:

    First things first, I cannot say anything against whatever you’ve gone through. However, there is something I can say.

    Get those ridiculous “ideals of revenge” out of your damned head.

    You have a grudge. You want to take revenge. Fujimaki-sensei may have hurt one, or three people, which include your friends, but what you are doing right now may hurt more people than what sensei may have. Worse still, they are innocent people.

    Their loved ones will feel hurt when they die. Have you ever thought about that?

    If you know how it feels like to be hurt, why would you want others to feel hurt as well?

    I don’t know what happened between you and Fujimaki-sensei, and I only know your side of the story. As such, I cannot simply judge you.

    However, I just hope you would think of the consequences of this revenge that you have plotted out. And I do hope that you would not live to regret it.

    And do not take your life. Please. Your life- as much as any one else’s- is more than something to be thrown away. It has it’s own worth.

    That said, I end my case.

  14. Student says:

    Thank you for translating this. I didn’t know that the Kurobas cancellation was such a big deal, but I get a pretty vivid picture now. I don’t know what kind of life this man had but to bring innocent people into it? Smh. Society today.

    I hope they catch him soon so the fans, people in the school, publishers and businesses, and residents around the area can feel safe. I wonder how the mangaka is handling this too. :(

  15. nori says:

    you guys are too nice, here I’m just thinking “can this guy just kill himself and get it over with” why does he want to drag other people down with him?! He is just complaining about his life without doing anything and expecting pity from us? Attacking a school that is BARELY related? RAPING CLUB MEMBERS??

    I have no pity for this guy and I would not be the slightest upset would he die.

    • nanashi says:

      I think he’s mentally broken, that’s why.
      I don’t think he can thinks clearly of what the consequences of his doings may be, since all he thinks about is to die.
      Not that I’m supporting him, but it’s kind of sad to think no one ever saved him earlier in his life (if his story isn’t a lie, that is).

      • nori says:

        I can see what you’re saying.
        He is probably thinking, since I am gonna die anyways, I might as well do this, but hurting (or trying to hurt) innocent people just for his whims…is truly unforgivable.

        with all the hints provided, I hope they can catch this guy soon so he doesn’t kill any innocent students/fans/anyone else

  16. borino says:

    Thanks for the posting. Cleared things up for me, I’m not a fan by any means, it’s just that the situation doesn’t make any sense. It still doesn’t and what baffles me is why are the authorities and Fujimaki still letting the culprit flocking about despite having been given leads to this guy. It’s like they’re keeping the culprit alive just for their own sadistic enjoyment of seeing the continuous bullshit and suffering.

  17. GranteedEV says:

    why does this feel like a chapter of GTO?

  18. nomono1 says:

    I don’t completely understand this guy’s reasoning for doing this and I’m not sure I want to understand, but what ever he believes Fujimaki did to him, directly or indirectly, there is never any justifiable excuse to got and try to harm innocent people. The issue he has is with the mangaka, not people who have nothing to do with his crazy.

  19. anon says:

    I could not get past the first pages of KnB. I don’t understand why it’s such a big hit and I do think it’s overrated. I just don’t see any good reason behind this guy’s actions.

  20. yefione says:

    First of all, thank you for sharing this!

    It surprised me how he isn’t as demented as I originally thought he was. When I was reading through his replies, he sounded very level-headed (compared to what I’ve seen from people of the internet, at least). Even his letters (in Japanese) didn’t sound as bad as I expected (I’ve seen worse). I was expecting him to be bat-shit crazy, but it seems like he thought about this quite well.

    I don’t want to jump into conclusions regarding Fujimaki-sensei (whether he knows about this guy and is keeping silent, or he actually forgot about him), but I really wish he can work things out with this guy. He doesn’t seem to be an evil person, just really… bitter.

    • East says:

      Yeah, I agree as well. Although hurting innocent people is still wrong, of course, this person seems quite sane and is working towards a particular goal. Having different morals from others does not make someone crazy.

      Assuming these messages are really true, then all he wants is an apology before he ends his own life. Which, honestly, should not be too difficult to get if Fujimaki really is aware of who this guy is. The value of lives are greater than stubbornness or pride. I’m rather curious about Fujimaki’s response to all this and whether he is making any attempts to contact this guy at all. This really does seems like something that can be settled through talking.

      • Zelgie says:

        Except this guy probably wants an in person apology and will probably stab Fujimaki anyway. Sure he seems sane, but he is still willing to hurt innocent people. What would stop him from killing Fujimaki after he apologize?

  21. RealMe says:

    Yuh. He/She is stupid.

    Or rather, I’d say that this person has a serious mental condition. It may have been an effect of the bad experiences they’ve ever had in their childhood, and blatantly announcing that they wanted to kill just for the sake of rape says that they have a very twisted mind, and would do well to be kept inside a mental institution.

    I am a fan of KuroBasu, and I admire Fujimaki-sensei. I am quite affected by this issue, but I also can’t help pitying this hater. They needs help– serious help, and as a sympathetic person, I am very disappointed that I can’t do anything to help about this matter.

  22. Candy says:

    First of all, thanks for posting and translating this. I’m not much of a KnB fan (yet) but I’m curious on the motive of the culprit.

    This is what I think on the matter.

    Basing from the interview, the culprit somewhat has the same psychological profile as the Zodiac Killer ( This person craves the attention basing from the “This is something that only the culprit would know, right?” line.

    I can’t connect on why he targets KnB rather than more popular series like One Piece. Is it because in terms of the number doujinshi based on it? Does KnB have a larger doujins number compared to One Piece?

    • soj says:

      Did you not pay attention to what you were reading? His motive is some incident (whether real or in his imagination) that happened between him and the creator.

  23. BlackMotherFucker says:

    If all of this is actually true, then I get the feeling that Fujimaki is the one who is stubborn here. Doesn’t he realize that confronting this “reaper” here is probably the fastest way to resolve the problem and he is the key to doing it? Yet, for almost 2 full months, Fujimaki has ignored this man, didn’t even bother trying to search him up and just let the terrorism escalate, even though he is perfectly in the position to do so.

    Of course I am not saying that the culprit here is innocent, this whole incident started with him, but Fujimaki’s gotta realize the consequence of the culprit’s actions, and if he wants the problem to be solved then he better cooperate with the police and confront this man, real quick. There is a clock on, considering today is the last day of the year 2012 (I don’t know if Japan is 2013 already), and the culprit said he will commit suicide by the end of this year. If he can get the problem fixed today, Fujimaki will regain all the glory of Kuroko no Basket and save the life of a miserable man.

  24. Razgriz says:

    Fujimaki must correct his mistake.

  25. Kamin says:

    You know… I have met plenty messed up people who say that there parents abused them only to find out the parents have never met the kid or that he ran away for no reason.

  26. En says:

    I seriously can’t believe this. Its just that the fact that Fujimaki is the center of all this was just a coincidence. I give my sympathy out to the culprit for all that he/she had to experience in life, even if he/she doesn’t want it. I’m also angry that he/she is so hellbent on revenge. When did he/she ever start wanting to do this anyway? My sympathy also goes out to Fujimaki for getting caught up in this and my anger as well, all he had to do was apologize and it would’ve stopped right then and there. The fault is mostly on the culprit, but Fujimaki isn’t all innocent in this as well even though this pas all practically a coincidence.

  27. Vinacchi says:

    the picture couldn’t be open. and it didn’t appear

  28. Nana says:

    i don’t know if this is only my imagination but it’s possible that there’s more to it than it looks like. I really find the culprit strange talking about his life, etc. but one thing’s for sure. He certainly hates the manga author.

  29. midnightzgale says:

    Can I just say that this guy/girl is beyond twisted? I mean, I’ve met twisted people before, concerning my line of work, but this just takes the cake. Now, I’m not judging him/her, as we only got one side of the story. And I agree with some that Fujimaki-sensei has to share some of the blame too, but please don’t pile all the responsibility on the manga-ka! It is possible that he probably doesn’t even remember the guy or know who he is! I mean, it’s been what—more than ten years since he’d graduated from university or high school even? How many of you remember your schoolmates from that long ago? I know that I definitely don’t. Hell, I can’t even remember half of their names/faces.

    This guy is twisted beyond belief. What he needs here is not an apology from Fujimaki-sensei. He needs a team of therapists. And it seems to me like he got some split personality disorder, since the way that he worded his letters seems rather different at certain points. Sometimes, he is quite calm. Others, he is beyond hysterical. Whilst some, I can barely make out what the hell that he’s saying.

    Also, please don’t blame the police for sloppy detective work. Just think. While some may claim that they got enough evidence as it is, and that this guy might as well draw a map to his house, how much of those ‘evidence’ can the police take as ‘real concrete evidence’? In my nation of residence, evidence speaks a lot here. Even if we got a whole lot of evidence, unless we can somehow prove that the evidence is real and not some phony evidence made up by some copy artists, they cannot act on it. And whether the police can arrest a culprit or not isn’t wholly their decision either. They have to get an arrest permit approved by the court. And also, they need some bloody witnesses so that they have a case! Do they even have that in this case? And not to mention that there’s a whole lot of media pressure on them. Cut the Japan police some slack! Japan isn’t exactly a safe place, you know? They have other cases to handle, some probably more urgent than this.

    Anyway, all that I can say here at present is that I hope that the police arrest the culprit as soon as possible and get him some help—preferably by a team of therapists or even a good counselor. He/She seriously needs some mind treatment/counseling…fast. And if I can say something in his defense, it is that if what he is saying about his childhood is true, then the blame can’t be placed fully on him, though it is pretty much his fault that things have come to this. His parents have to be held responsible too.

    Fujimaki-sensei is a victim here, and I sympathise with him, as I like the KnB series as well, and is sad to hear that the KnB cafe event was cancelled, as I’ve been planning a trip to Japan next year. But as much as this ‘Reaper’ is the culprit, at the same time, he is also the victim. A victim of circumstances. Please don’t be so harsh on him and tell him to ‘go die’. No matter what, be it an animal, an insect, a plant or even a human, all lives are precious. He might feel that his life is shit, but apparently, as he is still quite young, he can still make a change in his life if he wants to.

    To anyone who even bother to read my rant, I apologise if I sound long winded, but this is what I feel. I’ve met people before who have a twisted sense of justice and the world and the way that they would go about dealing their ‘own brand of justice’. And I hope that we’re still not too late to help this guy before he goes about committing mass murder. Hope to hear more updates about this soon.

  30. Namika says:

    I don’t even know, if I feel sorry for this person, or I hate them. I don’t know, if everything he says may be true. but if it is we really have a serious psychopath on our hands. He’s inadequate, because for the sake of a single apology, he is ready to kill people. But at the same time, he realizes that, admits that he wants to rape all those university basketball players and is smart and cocky enough to give police and just the general public tips on how to find him. But notice, that none of them can be really called evidence at this point.

    It’s like a game for him, I think. It’s like by terrorizing so many people he feels more important and his – I’m absolutely sure – extremely low self-esteem somewhat rises.

  31. alexis says:

    What did Fujimaru-sensei do to him? Or rather what happen between them that made him hate Fujimaru-sensei so much…

  32. Hayase Mimorin says:

    I don’t even understand what is the culprit is actually thinking. I understand that he had gone through many hardships but why targeting Fujimaki sensei and other innocent people and companies? Even though I find that his/her speech was a little distorted like it was off and on somewhere but some part of me don’t think that I should hate this person and I really felt sorry for the culprit. Maybe an apology will really help him/her to stop the terrorizing thing and also his/her suicide.

  33. Akiko says:

    The culprit sure knows a lot about Chemistry ain’t it? lol…
    and also likes to keep saying on things like suicide..?
    the culprit keeps saying “I won’t forgive you!!!” and then also said that he demand the author’s apologize and will then turn himself/herself to the police..?
    he/she said that the author sure know who he/she is and then said that the author may not even remember who he/she is..?
    the culprit can’t even be sure of this and he/she is doing this??
    does the culprit even know what he/she Really wants from the author??
    Is the culprit even conscious about all these?? -___-
    haizz… humans’ minds and heats are sure some complicated things ain’t it?? -____-|l|

  34. hi says:

    he is a she fuji dumped her.

  35. hi says:

    Sry for what i typed. I got mad l like kuroko no basuke.

  36. kazeyumi says:

    hi! would you mind if i posted this on an lj j-news site? just to spread the word. :/ will put source and credit of course.

  37. […] claiming to be the perpetrator showed up on the Japanese bulletin board 2chan last November and the posts were translated on the blog Sukikatte. The anonymous poster, who uses the name “The Reaper in Mourning,” claims to be upset […]

  38. zea-chan says:


  39. […] from what I remember way back in 2012, there was a letter sent (translated version here) to him with all these demands. Wow, KnB doesn’t get a […]

  40. icchan says:

    excuse me, but does this news still continue? i mean, he/she said that he/she would commit suicide within this year (2012) but why do i still see this kind of news? is it from a different KnB hater?

    i feel bad about this since i’m a fan of KnB. i want too see more updates about what threats he/she send or about the investigation, was he/she already caught or not? i only once got chance to read this, so i’m curious about the how this develops >…<

    – pardon me if i typed my words wrong, english is not my first language~

  41. Yeah, so? says:

    Am I the only ONE who hate Kuroko no basuke?
    Am I? Am I? Am I?

  42. Lizzy says:


  43. Tiago Andrade says:

    I came here almost 5 years before this post was made to highlight this particular part:

    ” and in the afterword, he mentioned going golfing with his father… I wonder why our lives are so different…”

    And now Tadatoshi is doing a golf manga…

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