Yowamushi Pedal Vol. 7


Gift recently came up with Yowapeda capsule badges (here). They’re really cute!

Google Drive | Mediafire (later tomorrow)


39 thoughts on “Yowamushi Pedal Vol. 7

  1. lzbth says:

    Awesome. Was just checking for updates and here is volume 7. Thx.

  2. White-Fox says:

    Thank you for the volume. It’s really awesome the speed you are scanlating.

  3. lolman says:

    Thank you so much!! Vol 7! I remember when you released the vol 1 hehehe

  4. Kelly says:

    Thank you very much! <3

  5. Ragnet says:

    Thanks, love the way you guys are doing it.

  6. paplou says:

    Yay! new volume~
    Thank you so much for this <3

  7. mangamonkey says:

    Thank you! This is currently one of my favorite series. :D

  8. sfdghgfh says:

    thanks so much

  9. jb says:

    wow what a great vol, & what a way to leave you wanting more haha thanks guys love this manga, its now become 1 of my favs. look forward to more :) oh & cool badges :)

  10. ser3n says:

    thank you very much for all your hard work^^

  11. asdasd says:


  12. krish19oo says:

    Thank you very much for the release and like others was just checking for updates

  13. evo03 says:

    This has really become one of my favorites. THANK YOU!

  14. Raymond says:

    when is volume 9 coming out

  15. kohakuiro says:

    Feeling really sorry for the second-years.

    Thanks for this release!

  16. WK says:

    Thank you so much.. was waiting for this all through TDF. :D

  17. Est-El says:

    Hi… still waiting for Mediafire upload. Thanks!

  18. Boomsickle says:

    Hey there. I’ve been a big fan of cycling, cycling anime and manga. After devouring what you’ve uploaded of Yawamushi Pedal in only three days i simply want more. So i would love to offer up my service in cleaning manga with you. I go by Boomsickle and i am a member of Batoto though haven’t logged in for a few months i still read manga there on a regular basis. I was a member of the now inactive Kaizoku Scanlation team and understand both Cleaning and Typesetting if needed. My skill level is adequate and if you’d like me to do a test run i will. Best way to contact me will be through my email


  19. Anon says:

    Any idea when we can expect Volume Eight? I hope you didn’t die trying to upload to mediafire!

  20. hoang says:

    Hey I just wanted to leave y’all a comment to thank you for scanlating this series! It’s awesome and I can’t wait for the next volume.

  21. Chris says:

    Hello! Thank you for your hard work. Any news on vol.8? Cant wait to read it :D

  22. Mei says:

    Whaa thank you,I really like this manga ^^ *hugs you*
    Hope you get time to rest and to scanlate the next volumes :33

  23. Duo says:

    Thanks so much for the chapters! Your hard work is very much appreciated!

  24. DoDaDum says:

    Thanks a lot for scanlating this series! First time I encounter this was in a Manga shop(forgot which one, suppose to be a famous one) in Akiba. When I checked, no one was scanlating this. Kind of forgot about this series until I just saw the first episode of the anime right now.

    Out of curiosity, does anyone actually cycles here aside from me?

  25. hello says:

    Thanks, read all that was translated today…. I’m really enjoying. Thanks so much!!!!

  26. Michal says:

    I’m a big fan of both bicycles and manga, and i finished all volumies in 6 hours non stop, its so intense!! I have issues with downloading volumes 5 and 7 from google drive, after reaching ~60 percent it starts from the beginnig and again and again. Can you guys put it on mediafire? Or maybe im doing something wrong, but i downloaded other volumes without any problems. Sorry for my english, I feel like I’ve made a lot of mistakes :) And thanks for your work

  27. MrMisiu says:

    Could you provide some other download link? I am having problems with downloading this episode. Google drive is unable to locate the file :/

    Great thanks for all your work and sharing all episodes of this awesome story!

    • MrMisiu says:

      Seems that the download link works again.

      Thanks for fixing it!

      I can not wait untill I will open the next page :)

  28. Winnie says:

    I would just like to express my thanks for this……… Can’t believe I didn’t find it earlier!!!!! :)

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