Yowamushi Pedal vol.8

yp8 Sorry this took so long, free time is sparse recently.
I’ll try to keep ahead of the anime though!

This volume was cleaned by @Otaku_for_life from twitter. Thanks for the help!

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56 thoughts on “Yowamushi Pedal vol.8

  1. orquidea_negra1 says:

    Thank you so much.

  2. DoDaDum says:

    Thanks for the release!

    Some of these terms from the original Japanese text just don’t sound right, but if you decide to keep them, I respect your decision. But, as an avid road cyclist, may I suggest some changes to those terms?

    • shokupan says:

      Please do! I’m not a cyclist so I refer to cycling terms on Wikipedia as much as possible, but it’s better to have someone familiar with the terms to point them out. Thanks!

      • DoDaDum says:

        For starters:

        Road Racer: When using this term for a bike, just use “Road Bike”. Regardless if the bike is used for racing or not, it’s still a bike. If you go to any bike manufacturer’s website, they’re just classify as a “Road Bike”

        Dancing Technique: I’m guessing this is a direct translation from the Japanese text? In English, we call any pedaling done standing up, “Out of Saddle”. So, if they’re sprinting or climbing standing up, “Sprinting out Saddle” or “Climbing out of Saddle”.

        When Naruko drop down a couple gears into heavier gears to sprint up hill during the freshman race, what he was doing is called “Mashing”. It is interchangeable with “Sprinting up a hill”, it’s just that his specific action has a specific term to it.

        When Onoda uses higher cadence to go up a hill, what he’s doing is called “Spinning” or “Spin up a hill”. Essentially it is a term for anything involving the usage of higher cadence. If one ups the cadence in a specific gear ratio to a point where they will not see anymore gain in speed, that is called “Spinning Out”

        During the scene where Naruko pull Onoda up to those hoodlum’s car, what Onoda was doing is “Drafting” or “Drafting Behind Naruko”.

        Drop Handle: When talking about the handlebar itself, they’re just called “Drop Bar/s”. When on the top of the hoods, it will be “On the Hoods”. In the bottom part of the handlebar where the curves are, “In the Drops”.

        This is what I have caught on to so far after reading all 8 volumes. Also gave a bit more information that was not pointing out weird terms in English, but thought you may need it down the line for future translations. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with future translations of cycling terms.

  3. titien says:

    Thank you so much for the new volume release.

    Just watched the anime today- got hooked and googled for more info about the anime and then found out that it was adapted from manga. I had been downloading and reading the scanlated volumes and also the raws chapters (just browse the arts) that I could found all day today. And to my great surprise, just as I finished reading and browsing the manga I found that you guys finished translating vol 8.

    Thanks again for translating and sharing this.

  4. Krish19oo says:

    I was totally surprised, Did not expect to release today, Thank you very much

  5. jb says:

    wow another vol, thanks for the hard work guys :) just watched the first ep of the anime. hope they dont rune it haha but so far so good lol thanks again guys, cant wait to see whats going to happen next :)

  6. mistgyu says:

    Thanks for the hardwork !

  7. jegaggin says:

    Read all the volumes today! From watching the anime!

  8. White-Fox says:

    I can understand because real life sometimes can be too demanding and finding free time is hard. Thank you for the volume and the work you put into it.

  9. Nbsiren says:

    Thank you for your hard work^^ I hope the anime does the manga justice, so far episode one has me wanting more even though I know what’s coming :D

  10. lzbth says:

    yay, a new volume of Yowapedal. really enjoyed the first episode of the anime too. thanks for your hard work.

  11. BrokenArrow says:

    yay new volume!! thanks alot for translating this. been trying to find raws but so far only found ones for later volumes pass the 200 mark. hopefully the anime will get more people into this. thanks again for translating.

  12. hfgh says:

    Thank you, ended up reading it all in one day,I couldn’t stop.

  13. ytrewq says:

    Thank you based shokupan

  14. Big fan says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work. Please sleep with me <3

  15. ser3n says:

    Thank you very much for you hard work on this =)

  16. Aaaa says:

    Thank you so much for translating this!

  17. jejune says:

    yay yay! thank you so much for all the hard work and sharing! and finally the anime came out so its like a double bonus!

  18. sulizant says:

    Thanks for the release!

  19. neko1213 says:

    AAAHHH<3 thank you for all your hardwork as always!

  20. Blasphemy says:


  21. tokwa says:

    Many thanks for the release >.< After watching the anime, I marathoned all your chaps and wanting for more.

    If you need a redrawer, id more than glad to redraw this series xDD

  22. Anon says:

    I see you have tamed the beast that is Mediafire. Good work.

  23. Puszedli says:

    Thanks a lot for all of your hard work on 8 volumes so far. I saw the anime and wanted to check the manga. It’s really great and exciting. Can’t wait to see what happens next :)

  24. Jess says:

    You guys are NOT slow!! You are actually scanlating an entire volume!! that’s amazing!! Thank you so so so much!! I appreciate all your guys’ hard work!! Really guys thank you so much!! You’re seriously impressive ;) You have such great quality and your scanlations are well translated too :) Its not rushed! Thank you!!

  25. kohakuiro says:

    Thanks for this release~

  26. wow this manga has like 29 volumes. you guys got some balls.

  27. Emrys says:

    Thank you for all your hard work!! You’re the best! And thanks to you too, @Otaku_for_life =)
    Can’t wait to read it!

  28. Stuart Lee says:

    In Japan, there are 29 volumes and it’s ongoing. =)

    Any idea when the next volumes, volume 9 and so on will be released?

    =P i just caught up to the lastest chapter 69, and i am eager to know what’s happen to the sohouku leader…

    Thanks for the hardwork!

  29. Taemlahv says:

    I just wanted to say thank you SO much for translating this manga. Not to mention, in your free time, even. I love YP and quickly became obsessed with it! I hope you’ll have more time for this series; but good luck in all your other endeavours, too! Thanks again. n___n

  30. chikaa says:

    thank you so much for your hard work.i really love this manga.

  31. This long delay is normal? or something has happened? I’m a big fan of this manga thanks to you, but wait one month is killing me. Why not launch by chapters as you finished? I’m sure everyone would love the idea.

    • shokupan says:

      I usually do one per week, but it’s end of sem for me now (deadlines and exams) so you’ll have to wait a bit more before I go back to regular releases…

  32. TODI says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing! My friend recommended me the anime since it aired, and I didn’t watch them until now. It has lend me here! The series is seriously under-appreciated (based on English side of the internet), and I hope the anime can attract more followers! :) I will start reading your scanlations now.

    Keep up the great work! You’re going at a great pace! I can feel the wind!

  33. mumismatist says:

    You really don’t know how much I love you for translating this. This series piqued my interest a couple of years back, but no matter how much I scoured the internet I couldn’t find it translated. My interest was rekindled after watching the anime (which, by the way, is amazing and adorable!), and I literally did a happy jig in the middle of my lounge when I realized that someone had picked the manga up.

    (Oh, and if you’re in need of cleaners for future volumes, hit me up. The only thing I can’t do is major redrawing, since I lack a tablet.)

  34. InvertusD says:

    Good job. I love this manga, I was hooked instantly.

  35. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much for your work on this manga! I began watching the anime and I like it so now I want to read the manga ^^

  36. paplou says:

    Woot! New volume’s out~
    Thank you so much for working on this awesome series <3

  37. kid1421 says:

    thank you so much :D

  38. Lisette Serpent says:

    First, thanks for translating this awesome manga, I love you for that. After I watched the 1st episode I wanted to read all the manga but I just found it until 6th chapter in Spanish; then I found your work and I read the 69 chapters at once.
    Anyway, I searched for your site to ask you if I can translate your work into Spanish.
    It would be awesome if you let me do it, for me and for people that don’t use English. And, don’t worry, I’m better translating Eng-Spa that writing in Eng(?)
    Well, that’s all; I’ll be waiting for your answer :’D
    Thanks again!

  39. Skullheart says:

    dawww ;___; thank you for translating, but aaahhh i can’t wait for the next volume. I read all 8 volumes on this weekend (yeah xD I’m reading fast) and now im just “ARGH I NEED MORE OF KINJOU!!!” >___< i really really wait for the next release!!!

  40. maxi says:

    thanks for the great job of translating this series thus far! cant wait for new release :):):)

  41. liz says:

    thanks for all of your hard work :))

  42. abcd says:

    when will you be updating? its is almost two month since the last update….
    sorry if demand too much from you….

  43. yobione says:

    Hope we can see a new Volume or 2?
    Merry Christmas! Thanks for the great job!

  44. anonymous says:

    In the anime, the characters literally say “road racer”. So that might be okay to keep.

  45. Michael says:

    Hey guys, i love this manga! I’m wondering if Onoda’s bike Kuromori is japanese brand or it’s just onomatopoeia for old cro-mo frame. If it states for cro-mo maybe you could change that in future translations?

  46. anonymous says:


    It is transliteration for Cro-Moly.


    The technical term that bothers me the most is “lower handlebars” instead of “the drops” especially since they use it in the subs too. Road racer isn’t inaccurate. They’re road racing bikes. They aren’t off-road racing bikes. They aren’t road non-racing bikes. They’re bikes meant to race on the road. It would not be wrong to just call them road bikes either though.

  47. Almost 3 months without nothing, i give up. i enter this page every day looking for a new release, but nothing happens, i will comeback in 6 months, bye

  48. Yobi says:

    Don’t give up just like pedaling on a hill.

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