Yowamushi Pedal, Volume 03

yp3 Haiyore! Naruko-san!
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Yowamushi Pedal, Volume 02

yp2Volume 2 of Pedal \o/

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Japan Trip Notes – Part 6 (10.6-10.8)

The final part of my 2012 trip reports!

This post will cover the newly-opened Noitamina Cafe and Theater in Odaiba, the Robotics;Notes episode 1 advance screening session, Comic City Spark 7 at Tokyo Big Sight and the Science Adventure Live.

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Robotics;Notes Drama CD – A Day in the Life of Koujiro Frau

From the bonus drama CD which came with Comptiq, Aug 2012. Mostly Frau.

Yowamushi Pedal, Volume 01

yp1This manga is about a kid who likes slopes. His name is Onoda Sakamichi.

I didn’t pick this one up just to make that pun!
It’s an ongoing series with 26 volumes and counting.

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I forced a friend who screams a lot to play this game – Part 9

The final part of Ao Oni. Enjoy the last of Fuhiky and Gami’s screams!
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Extra: It’s apparently getting a novel adaptation, like Yume Nikki is.

Sakamichi no Apollon, Official Fanbook

ofb My last release of Apollon. It’s been a fun ride!

This is an excerpt from the official fanbook, which includes 2 tribute illustrations (Kawachi Haruka and Kumota Haruko), a behind-the-scenes report of the Apollon anime production by Kodama Yuki, and a 8-page oneshot story. Enjoy!

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I forced a friend who screams a lot to play this game – Part 8

One more to go! This part is more exciting than the previous one :>

I forced a friend who screams a lot to play this game – Part 7

This is long overdue! Sorry for the wait. Parts 8 and 9 to follow, soon.

“There are fujoshi into this!?” Anime or manga that you never expected fangirls to like.

gayTranslated from this thread/post at BIP Blog. A discussion about the Fujoshi culture and strange BL in general.

(In other news, I’ve translated stuff but I’ll only be able to post them in March because I’ve got a lot of assignments. On the bright side, I’ve finished subbing Ao Oni!)

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