[Evangelion] Funny moments in Eva Q

bakashinjiFrom Ageage News.
Contains Evangelion 3.33 spoilers.


1: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 14:45:15.60 ID:???く
Shinji 「Help me out, Kaworu-kun!!

Kaworu 「I see, I get it now, Lilin!」

271: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 21:30:20.54 ID:???く


6: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 15:03:35.97 ID:7DL2kYkAく
Gendou’s visor.
The moment he appeared, I snorted.

15: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 15:28:25.49 ID:???く
Unit 08’s “I’ll leave the rest to you!” pose.

19: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 15:32:16.86 ID:???く
Shinji was jabbing away at the piano at first, but then he started playing with enthusiasm after being encouraged by Kaworu.

Those two really suit each other.

22: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 15:40:21.31 ID:???く
Ritsuko’s hair.

23: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 15:40:35.67 ID:???く
The first time I watched it in the cinema, I managed to get a center seat, and even bought tickets for the seats next to mine. It was perfect, until the guy in front of me sat down. He was wearing a white hat.

Throughout the movie, the light was bouncing off his hat, so it was bloody irritating. I mustered up enough courage to tell him to take it off, and he reluctantly obliged.

Then you know what? Dude was bald.

In the end, it was the same with or without the hat.
If you’re looking at this thread now, please wear a black or dark-colored hat from now on.
This goes for everyone, too. Really, please.
28: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 15:51:41.34 ID:???く
Shinji was like “I don’t care even if the world goes to shit!” in the second movie,
and then the world really went to shit.

29: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 15:53:26.42 ID:???く
It was funny watching the fans who praised the second movie go speechless at the third.

39: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 16:19:12.89 ID:???く
When Shinji knocked over the book tower he worked so hard to create.

40: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 16:21:52.29 ID:???く

That was seriously too many books.
It’s almost on the level of bullying.
42: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 16:24:01.56 ID:???く
Shinji was pretending that he didn’t know how to play the piano right? Right??
46: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 16:29:18.13 ID:???く
NERV was deserted but food and clothes magically appeared.

47: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 16:31:17.29 ID:???く
Gendou and Fuyutsuki’s doing the housework,  duh.
49: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 16:35:18.67 ID:???く
Naked Rei yet again.
It’s almost like Shizuka-chan from Doraemon.
56: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 17:00:23.76 ID:???く

When Mk. 09 was still in it’s headless state when they were going down to see Lilith.

69: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 17:24:08.98 ID:???く
When things got awkward between Shinji and Kaworu, the cinema would go silent,
And I bet the person next to me could hear me swallow. It was embarrassing.
129: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 18:36:20.35 ID:???く
This thread is making Q appear more entertaining than it actually is.
96: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 17:55:10.91 ID:EFA0z38/く
After I finished the movie, I laughed at myself for having tickets to the second and third screenings.
98: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 17:56:53.64 ID:???く

Not a single scene from the trailer was used.
99: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 17:57:15.26 ID:???く
Did Kaji-san become one of the skulls in Central Dogma?

305: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 22:53:01.70 ID:???く
Since when was Kaji-san a giant?
106: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 18:05:34.30 ID:???く
When the ship flew.

112: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 18:11:51.41 ID:???く
It’s something the Wunder can do, but that AT-Field’s way too useful.

111: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 18:08:55.78 ID:???く
The new character’s lack of motivation.

“Some random  numbers are increasing, I think lol”

134: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 18:41:29.68 ID:???く
I believe I’m not the only one who laughed at the name Wunder.
146: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 19:00:07.19 ID:???く
Redoing with spears is a total word joke.
When I said that out loud, the person next to me snorted.

(The wordplay here is Spears: Yari, and Redo: Yarinaosu)

And when Asuka ripped out the entry plug, I jumped a little at the sound effect, and the person next to me snorted again.
How embarrassing…
155: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 19:11:27.10 ID:???く
Misato’s pose when she was about to press the switch to blow Shinji up.

182: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 19:37:30.55 ID:vk4xbvPKく
It’s like she was trying to get a signal on her cell.
190: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 19:43:04.42 ID:???く
Hyuga’s receding hairline.

Eh…? Why am I crying…?

233: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 20:19:38.80 ID:???く
Kaworu’s thinking pose when he realized that he was tricked by Gendou.
262: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 21:10:00.86 ID:???く
When everyone was excited about the movie at the beginning but walked out of the cinema in silence at the end.

265: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 21:19:39.70 ID:???く
You could tell who watched the movie by looking at their faces.

270: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 21:29:01.71 ID:???く
And when you see the excited faces of the next batch of viewers, you can’t help but laugh at them
289: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 21:58:00.00 ID:???く
Shinji walking in on Rei even when she was obviously changing.
296: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 22:07:50.23 ID:???く
Fuyutsuki’s godly timing at turning the switches during Gendou’s little speech.

952: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/21(水) 11:03:33.15 ID:???く
His timing was perfect lolol
299: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 22:18:22.00 ID:???く
Ayanami trailing along behind Asuka and Shinji at the end.
314: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/17(土) 23:10:19.60 ID:???く
Ayanami had a little doorplate at her makeshift campsite lmao
332: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/18(日) 00:26:20.04 ID:???く
Kaworu was pretty full of himself in the past 2 movies but his face when he realized that he was tricked was priceless.
333: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/18(日) 00:26:47.76 ID:???く
Shinji being nasty to Rei.
335: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/18(日) 00:34:19.99 ID:???く
Yui-san’s clothes when she was getting into the Eva.

337: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/18(日) 00:36:39.12 ID:???く
It was like they were going to pull some kind of escapology stunt.
378: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/18(日) 05:11:58.62 ID:???く
Basically I laughed at the whole movie because I didn’t know what other face to make.

379: 名無しが氏んでも代わりはいるもの 2012/11/18(日) 05:23:09.67 ID:???く
I think you should just smile.


3 thoughts on “[Evangelion] Funny moments in Eva Q

  1. meodien1812 says:

    Thanks a lot for translating it, it’s real fun ^^
    I still love Evangelion ;_______; *Kaworu-kunnnnnn*

  2. zon says:

    “Basically I laughed at the whole movie because I didn’t know what other face to make.”
    this basically what i did too.

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