Yowamushi Pedal, Volume 4

yp4 The anime teaser image was released at ACE last week, but I bet it’ll be a nightmare to animate…

Google Drive | Mediafire

Also, if you don’t mind helping clean a volume or two, let me know here or by Twitter. I could use the help! ^^;


16 thoughts on “Yowamushi Pedal, Volume 4

  1. lolman says:

    wowwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Thank you :D

  2. jeston says:

    Thank you for translating this. I just read it from the beginning and it’s great!

  3. superman says:


  4. White-Fox says:

    Thank you for another volume release!!!

  5. Kelly says:

    Thank you very much for the new volume! You’re awesome! O(≧▽≦)O

    ~ __0
    (*)/ (*)

  6. ser3n says:

    Thank you so much for another volume! XD

  7. Twiii says:

    Thank you! I just started reading today and this series is a lot of fun. You guys are awesome!

  8. merreo says:

    4 volumes in a month, crazy…thanks a lot for scanlating this manga!

  9. dankZ says:

    Thank you. That was awesome.

  10. Blasphemy says:

    Just read everything translated up till now tonight. This volume legitimately had me absolutely exhilarated. Thanks a lot for your hard work

  11. Ayran says:

    thank you, this manga is awesome!

  12. A.C.M.E. says:

    Sadly i cannot help to clean some chapter, so i hope someone can help you out. Thank you for all your work!

  13. ZIN says:

    Hi, first I want to say thank you for your awesomeness because you brig us such fun manga and at an inhuman speed too, second i want to say that i really want to help you clean manga. I have some raw Yowamushi scans and I’m trying learn to clean and at least remove the writing, it’s taking me a while since i’m using gimp and have never done anything like this befor but i have time and i’m gonna try asap so i can help you at east to some degree.
    I will message again when I am remotely useful:)

  14. plant says:

    Amazing work rate, really enjoying it so far. thank you so much for your hard work.

  15. rabidslee says:

    Wow wow wow~! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    As always you are amazing and have great taste >_0)

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