[ACE2013] Amnesia panel

From the recent Anime Contents Expo 2013, Day 2 (31st March).
Funny dinner conversations :>

Cast: Igarashi Hiromi, Nazuka Kaori, Kakihara Tetsuya, Miyata Kouki and Hino Satoshi

Original TS from Niconama: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv131927384


One thought on “[ACE2013] Amnesia panel

  1. Panda Yumimi says:

    Hello Sukikatte!
    My name is Hiro. I really like your English sub and I would like to repost it on a blog site called twitter. Here is my blog: https://twitter.com/MDungHNgn2
    If you grant me permission to do so, I will most definitely add a link to your profile, your name and to the original URL. Also, if you give permission, I would greatly appreciate if you would specify whether or not I need to contact you again in the future when I would like to repost. Sorry, my English is not good :(

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