Japan trip notes – Part 2 (9.29~9.30)

Japan – Day 3 (9.29)

On the third day of my trip, I got up a little earlier to go to the Fate/Zero Fourth Holy Grail Exhibition again. I had visited it the day before, but Saturday was a special day for the event, as there was a talk show featuring the voice actors Koyama Rikiya and Nakata Jouji, CVs for Kiritsugu and Kotomine respectively.  However, not all the attendees would be as lucky to attend. Each ticket holder was entitled to one scratch card which would decide if you could or could not attend the show.

I soon realized that my idea of early was obviously too naive, as an estimated 500 people had gathered outside the venue before me. It was 8am, two hours before the event’s opening time. The day tickets for Saturday were sold out a few days before, so only tickets bought in advance could be used. I had pre-ordered two tickets from Animate a month before my trip, in the hopes of a better chance to see Koyama Rikiya and Nakata Jouji.

After a long two-hour wait outdoors, I finally got to the entrance of the halls. I received the magnetic card and pamphlet at the admission counter, and a scratch card which would or would not grant me admission to the talk show. I was hopeful at first but I didn’t manage to get it.

Since it was my second time in the exhibition, I focused on taking pictures. Unlike Friday, where I had plenty of time to look at the exhibits, it was very crowded on Saturday, and so I decided to move along and finish as soon as possible to queue outside again for a second chance at the scratch card lottery. There was a person in front of me who got a winning card and screamed in joy, lol.

I couldn’t get a good picture without at least five people standing in my way.

A replica of Kiritsugu’s Thompson Contender. If only they made the bullets too!

Kotomine’s panel was to the left of Kiritsugu.

And the rest of the Masters were on a wall behind them.

A better look at Waver’s backpack! The episode with the sleeping bag was cute.

Tokiomi and his jewels.

Kariya-ojisan has Tokiomi’s photo in his pocket…

Real mercury blobs!

This is the first route split in the exhibition. Your choice will change which 1/1 scale Servant you will get to see (Either Saber or Gilgamesh). I had seen Gilgamesh on Friday, so I decided to see Saber this time.

1/1 scale Saber. She was pretty short in real life, haha.

Some weapon replicas.

Lancer’s lances.

Caster’s book was very well made!

Excaliburrrrrrr and Avalon.

There was a photography zone where you could become part of Rider’s army.

Like this. Ionioi Hetairoi!!

After the weapon exhibits, there came the second route split of the exhibition. Visitors had a choice of proceeding into either the Matou house or Kotomine’s Church. There was a human traffic jam at Kotomine’s church, so I decided to visit Sakura in the Matou house.

Loli Sakura! ^q^

This was another photography zone where you could pretend to be attacked by bugs.

Like this-

I had to ask the guy in front of me to take this picture. I hope he wasn’t too freaked out…


I left the exhibition and went outside to queue again. Amazingly, the line was even longer than before.
When looking for my wifi network, I chanced upon the Gate of Babylon.

Speaking of the Gate of Babylon, I visited Gil again on my second round.

I managed to get another scratch card on my second entry, but I didn’t win, so I spent the rest of my time enjoying my last visit to the exhibition.

This is the entrance to the Matou Residence,

And this is the queue to get into Kotomine’s church.

As I approached the entrance to Kotomine’s Church, I soon realized that the reason for the queue was because everyone was taking their time making yuetsu poses on Gil’s sofa for photos. I managed to get someone from the queue to take a photo for me…

Yuetsu! (・∀・)


The ending walkway was decorated with backlit panels of various scenes from the anime.

Waver’s heroine face.

Happy birthday Tokiomi!

I bought more stuff from the merch hall for souvenirs, and headed back to the hotel to put down my stuff. I went back to the exhibition halls once more to see if I could grab some food from the Tokeitou Cafeteria, but apparently the waiting time was 3 hours, so I gave up and went to Shibuya instead.

There are a few reports for the talkshow I missed online, so I’ll probably translate them when I have the time.

I went to Shibuya to attend a Vocaloid club music event, V_C the second act. The event used to be called V_N (Vocaloid Night) in the past, when it was held on the third Wednesday of the month. It has since been revamped and is now held once every two months on the third Saturday of that month. The venue is also larger, and while it used to be held on a weekday night for 3~4 hours, it is now a day-long weekend event spanning almost 7 hours.

The event was held at Shibuya’s AMATE-RAXI, a five minute walk away from the New South Exit (Shin-minamiguchi) of the station. The New South Exit is quite a distance away from the train tracks, and I had memories of wandering aimlessly lost a few years ago when I first went to V_N after getting out of the wrong exit. Fortunately, I managed to find the right way out this time, and with the help of Google Maps, I got to the venue with ease.

It was my first time at AMATE-RAXI, so it took me a while to get used to the layout of the place. I paid the entrance fee at the counter, and pushed the heavy soundproof door to get inside. The sound poured out almost immediately!

I was feeling a little lost in the lounge, but then I found people I knew (Because of my part-time work as a translator at events), so I spent a lot of time talking to them and getting to meet other Vocaloid fans ^^. There was this guy with that instrument from the Innocence 3DPV! He apparently made it himself. I salute his dedication.

The venue was separated into two floors, the lounge floor where there was a drinks counter, phone charging point and sofas, and the main floor with the DJ booth downstairs. This was the lineup for that day-

Because I arrived late, I missed nana, emon and KagomeP, but I made it in time to see SketchP’s set! It was very enjoyable, and he played Happy Synthesizer, Itsudemo Fuwari, and his infamous Tsukeruyo remix. Everyone on the floor shouted Tsukeruyo!! together!

I went back up to the lounge floor for a bit to say hi to a friend from Twitter, and was introduced to KTG (I had to keep myself from fangirling!). I really like his electro-pop style compositions.

Zanio’s (of ZANEEDS) slot was about to begin, so I returned to the main floor. His set was amazing! He played Net Game Haijin Spechror and Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu (In which everyone yelled GIMU DESU YO! along with the chorus), livetune’s Last Night, Good Night, ZANEEDS’s very own Hello World and several other Vocaloid songs. To my surprise, he also played songs like Daft Punk’s One More Time, Underworld’s Born Slippy, and an infinite U! NYA! loop from the Haiyore! Nyaruko-san opening. It was great fun!

After Zanio was KTG’s set, and he played mostly anime songs! The ones I could identify were from Rinne no Lagrange, Macross Frontier and Persona 4. At the end of the event, when they asked all the DJs for a closing comment, he said “Maru!”. They didn’t have a proper microphone at the DJ booth, so they took turns speaking into a headphone, which was funny to watch.

I bought a few CDs on my way out, and went for another convenience store dinner ^^;

Japan – Day 4 (9.30)
After two days of events and exploring, I decided to take it easy and went shopping. I had spent the morning in Ikebukuro buying a lot of manga and a few doujinshi, and met up with a friend at Nakano Broadway and bought more CDs, keychains and various other otaku things.

The entrance to the dungeon. I must have spent about 4 hours in here looking through the shops.

My friend told me a little about the history of the Nakano Broadway shopping arcade. It used to be one of the first shopping arcades in Tokyo, and attracted many new shops, but as the city progressed, many of them left, and only recently it has seen an influx of  anime and pop-culture shops, the largest of which was Mandarake, which spanned three floors and dealt not only in manga and doujinshi, but also items from the Showa period such as movie posters and drama scripts. This is one of the few places left where you can catch a glimpse of Showa Japan, which is probably the most characteristic feature of the place.

Aside from manga, anime cels and gachapon shops, there were also shops dealing with collectibles ranging from J-Pop and elaborate scale models of trains (Which were very expensive).  I spent the most time in the gachapon shops. Though buying from the shop is more expensive than getting it from the capsule machine, there is the advantage of being able to choose the ones you want. There was also a shop selling exclusively electronic music CDs from indie acts, so I left with another stack of CD purchases…

For dinner that night,  my friend brought me to a DIY Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki shop. I’ve always wanted to go to one, and it was fun!

From left: Seafood, Pork and Nattou, and Bacon.

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be! It’s sort of like making pancakes.



It wasn’t very difficult, but the trick is to grease the pan well so you can turn it over easily.

And loot pictures to end off this part-

-Various manga and a novel
-Yakushimaru Etsuko’s first album release
-Space Invaders iphone case (It was 300yen)
-Yume Nikki clear file
-A Ringo-sensei (Utapri) reflector keychain
-8bit sound-drop keychains from Namco Classics
-Perfume’s Fan Service Prima Box (Extremely rare!)
-Hyouka BD/DVD poster

The Blackjack ni Yoroshiku A3 genga printouts were from the Blackjack ni Yoroshiku exhibition I chanced upon in Nakano Broadway. The most interesting part of the exhibition was a printer situated in the center of the room, where visitors could print out copies of their favourite pages from Blackjack ni Yoroshiku on genga paper as a take-home souvenir. I think it’s a brillant idea!

Various 8bit music CDs (SEXY-SYNTHESIZER, a compilation album, FLOPPY and Omodaka).

Thanks for reading this far! The next update for days 5 and 6 will cover the Magi Animate cafe collaboration, the newly revamped top floor of Parco Shibuya, Tokyo Sky Tree and a short report from the tribute live concert for the late Minamino Shingo.


3 thoughts on “Japan trip notes – Part 2 (9.29~9.30)

  1. b1b2 says:

    heee the okonomiyaki and takoyaki shop looks fun to go to! Must toss okonomiyaki on someone’s head next time~ lol

  2. happy birthday Tokiomi ~lmao
    the food looks delicious :c

    also this Fate Zero exhibition is just amazing! <3

  3. This was linked to me recently, and I must say I’m totally envious of you haha. The Fate/Zero Exhibition is really impressive, can’t say I had expected such quality in an expo about a single anime. Also didn’t know about VC, I guess I now have some decent Vocaloid stuff to look into. And dat Hyouka BD.

    I’ll be definitely reading your other entries sometime :)

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