[WHL4U] Fate Zero panel

From the recent Wonder Festival 2012 Summer, held on 29th July 2012.
The most entertaining panel at WonFes! Spoilers for Fate/Zero.

Version with comments, for the Niconama purists: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irq_BR85A20


5 thoughts on “[WHL4U] Fate Zero panel

  1. b1b214 says:

    yaaay thank youuu!!

  2. kotelo says:

    Thanks for the subs bro.

  3. Pw3age says:

    Thank you for the subs, any chance you could do the other events? Such as the Dog Days one?

  4. H019 says:

    You might be interested in working on the second Fate/Zero drama CD.


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