I forced a friend who screams a lot to play this game – Part 4

Gami-kun’s engrish is pretty funny, and Fuhiky is a sadist as usual.

originally from nico nico douga:


11 thoughts on “I forced a friend who screams a lot to play this game – Part 4

  1. Hikari Girl says:

    This part was really epic! We learn that the Ao Oni is more intelligent than it seems; also, you can fool yourself saying he’s Takuro in a suit; and the most important lesson: not because you’ve watched the 3 prior parts, you won’t be scared >.<. Thanks a lot!

  2. Student says:

    You can’t have Sakamichi without Ao Oni, ha ha. And the whimper at the end. xD I definitely act like Gami-kun when it comes to playing scary games, and with Fuhiky pushing him on? I would’ve backed out a long time ago if it were another game, lol.

    Btw, do you by any chance know which version this is? I’ve heard that there’s one where they don’t make it out alive and vice versa.

    Thanks very much! ^^

    • shokupan says:

      I’ve heard of the many versions/mods, but I’m not sure which one this is, sorry!
      They do finish the game, though, so maybe you can see what happens then ^^

  3. shoeshooshoe says:

    Thanks again!
    Gives me my weekly shock.

  4. jalla says:

    how many parts till the end? i dont think i can last for very much longer :-D

  5. Manfa says:

    Best video series :) can’t wait for the next part !!

  6. eternalblue says:

    LOL, I love these videos. I actually sought and played the English version of this after watching these, although it’s a bit different from the version that’s played in these videos.

    Love their reactions!

  7. therrain says:

    Ahahaha Makes me remember when I played this game, well, the english version of it, which is different in style, but with the same fun with the masochistic-raping oni.
    These two guys are truly hilarious!
    Thank you for translating! Keep up the good work!

  8. Manfa says:

    When is part 5 coming up :o?

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