My Room is Haunted by Women: Part 8

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The eight and final part of this thread.

Note: Translated and edited from the thread archives here and here. Some responses will be cut for irrelevance or redundancy.







After the Utopia Unison, a new thread was started for discussion.


15 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 00:31:44 [ VFVlFxsY ]

>>1 Thanks for starting a new thread


17 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 00:33:42 [ EUpyKFI. ]


I’m going to sleep. See you guys tomorrow!



94 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:15:56 [ zIIAnriI ]

>>1=Mr YOU incoming!

95 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:16:16 [ Art.reDA ]

>>1 is here


97 名前: YOU ◆fkXmFVGog. 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:20:03 [ VBKQkAAU ]


I stayed with her for the whole of yesterday.
Pia-tan was crying then, but after some time, she calmed down.
Then, she started talking to me, bit by bit.


99 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:23:26 [ it8v7CCg ]

What happened then?

100 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:24:49 [ Vcn9cuAQ ]

Welcome back!
So, what did Pia say?

113 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:35:30 [ 7f8yf6wU ]

Welcome back!
I hope everything went well…

114 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:35:59 [ HE6ma9C2 ]

Is something wrong? Are you still in the middle of typing?


116 名前: YOU ◆fkXmFVGog. 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:37:45 [ VBKQkAAU ]


“I died of my own will”, she said.
Apparently she was rejected in a harsh way.
She was agitated and confused at that time, and though she had no such intention, somehow, she died.
She was laughing at herself for dying, and said that it was foolish.
That she wanted to live.
But, it’s impossible for me now, she continued.
I could only nod in response.
It’s my first time hearing a dead person talk about their life, so I found it hard to take in.
And it was my first time hearing Pia’s voice, so it felt surreal too.


117 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:38:43 [ HE6ma9C2 ]

Pia-tan spoke!?

142 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:49:08 [ it8v7CCg ]

So it was suicide…
I’ll wait for the rest of your update.


156 名前: YOU ◆fkXmFVGog. 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 18:54:14 [ VBKQkAAU ]


I told Pia about what I discussed with Ouchi-san, and then she said “I’ll go.”.
She’s managing better than I am, while I was out of it the whole time.
I could only say “Eh? Oh, okay, let’s go”.
We headed to the address he gave me.


189 名前: YOU ◆fkXmFVGog. 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 19:12:41 [ VBKQkAAU ]

We reached the place.
It was a bookstore, but there was a sign out front which read “We are closed for today. For visitors, my apartment is accessible from the side of the shop”.

In the alley on the side of the shop, I could see a gate. I rang the doorbell, and a man dressed in traditional Japanese clothes came out.

He looked at me, then saw Pia who was behind me, and said “You must be □□(My name)-kun.”.

“Then you must be Ouchi-san.”, I said, and he replied, “That’s right. Come inside.”.
He looked like a gentle person, so I felt a little at ease.
Pia didn’t seem like she could see him.


192 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 19:16:19 [ 0i79nhZw ]

Finally, Ouchi-san!


210 名前: YOU ◆fkXmFVGog. 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 19:26:08 [ VBKQkAAU ]


We went inside.
There were altars (?) and many other things.
There were three cushions laid out, and Ouchi-san asked us to sit on them.
He started speaking.

“I don’t think she can see me. It’s probably scary even for ghosts to have to interact with something they can’t see, so is it okay if I establish a connection to her first?”

I explained it to Pia, and she said “Yes, I’m fine.”.

I can’t exactly express it in words, but Ouchi-san spoke in a gentle and quiet voice, and it helped me to calm down.


229 名前: YOU ◆fkXmFVGog. 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 19:39:44 [ VBKQkAAU ]


After Ouchi-san touched Pia’s shoulder, she could see him.
“Ah, its a person!” she said.

Me: “Is it that surprising?”
Pia: “But…”
Ouchi: “Well, she has only been able to see you so far, so it’s not surprising.”
Me: “That’s true…”
Pia: “See?”
Me: “Hey, don’t get ahead of yourself!”
Pia: “Alright, alright.”
Ouchi: “Haha, it’s like stand-up comedy.”
Me: “Really…”
Ouchi: “Well, then. I’m not rushing things, but can I start explaining now?”
Me: “Ah, yes, please.”


281 名前: YOU ◆fkXmFVGog. 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 20:11:16 [ VBKQkAAU ]


Ouchi: “What we are going to do today is not an exorcism.
It’s closer to a purification.
Simply put, we’re cleaning things out.
I assume that you have recovered your memories?”

Pia: Yes.

Ouchi: In other words, your memories have never been lost. To speak figuratively, it was like having them hidden away in the recesses of your mind.
The perfume stimulated those memories, and brought them back.
Smells are easily remembered, so I’m sure that’s the cause. Was that difficult to understand?

Me: I’m fine.

Pia: I think I understand.

Ouchi: That is why I couldn’t purify you without your memories.
The people who are entrusted with this task have their limits.
It is very difficult to purify something you cannot see.
But it is possible now.
Now that you have recovered your memories, it may be painful, but now you can move on…
And so, there is something I want to ask.
YOU-kun, do you really wish for her to move on?
I won’t say anything about your choice, so tell me truthfully.


282 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 20:12:13 [ CabSl.Rw ]

I sense the end.

283 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 20:12:30 [ BhQW7Wm. ]

So what did you say!?

286 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 20:13:20 [ GqZJMJME ]

Uooh, it’s time to show them, YOU-san!
All the best!

288 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 20:13:31 [ Ol9prf/A ]

YOU-san always stops at the good part, he has a talent for it.

289 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 20:14:17 [ HE6ma9C2 ]

Good luck, YOU-san!


334 名前: YOU ◆fkXmFVGog. 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 20:31:46 [ VBKQkAAU ]


Me: Yes, I would like her to move on.
We had our share of fun times and memories, but it is not something which should be prolonged.
If I indulge in the current situation, neither of us will make any progress.

Ouchi: Do you think so too?

Pia: I cannot keep choosing the easy path.

Ouchi: …I see. It’s a good choice both of you have made.
I’m sorry for asking such a silly question.
Now, then, shall we begin?

Pia: Yes, please.

Me: …Yes, please.

Ouchi: I understand.
Please relax. I am not destroying her existence.
Moving on is not the same as death. She will not disappear.

Me: I’m fine.

Pia: Yes.

Ouchi: I’m less collected compared to the both of you, haha.
…Well, let’s begin.
Please remain at ease.

Ouchi-san faced the altar, and started chanting a Shinto ritual prayer.


336 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 20:32:54 [ /x48r5pY ]

What’s going to happen!?

337 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 20:33:09 [ YeuTGH/c ]

Don’t cry!
If you guys cry here, then YOU and Pia-tan will feel sad too.

338 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 20:33:10 [ PFDy9arQ ]

This is bad, I feel like crying…



488 名前: YOU ◆fkXmFVGog. 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 21:10:12 [ VBKQkAAU ]


After a while, he stopped chanting.

Me: …What happened?

But Ouchi-san didn’t seem to hear me.

Ouchi-san slowly turned to face Pia. He raised his hands.
I’m not sure how much time passed, but suddenly, things went silent.
The sound of the rain disappeared. The silence in the room was deafening.

As the air cleared, I could see Pia fading away.
It was gradual.
It feels strange now that I think of it, but at that point, I was completely calm.
I’m not sure why.

As she was about to disappear, Pia turned to me.
She had a perplexed smile on her face, and said “Sorry for all the trouble.”
The room was silent, but I could hear her clearly.
I replied, “…There’s no need to apologize, haha.”.

And at the very end, she said “Thank you.”.
When I said “Don’t worry about it”, the sound of the rain came back.
Pia was gone, and I couldn’t feel her presence there any more.

“It was successful.”

When I heard Ouchi-san say that, I gave in.
I couldn’t stop crying.
I wasn’t sure if I felt lonely, sad or happy.
Everything was jumbled, and I couldn’t tell my feelings apart.
“I won’t be able to see her again?” and things like “She’s happy now, right? …That’s good.” were all I could think of.
I cried for a while.
Ouchi-san waited patiently, and poured me a cup of tea when I calmed down. It was good.


I visited my workplace on my way home, and said thanks to the manager.
“I see… I hope she’s happy now”, he said.
I was about to cry again, and all I could say was “That’s true.”.

I’m a little better now.

491 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 21:11:32 [ YeuTGH/c ]

I think I cried too…

492 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 21:11:39 [ ErWmzm1Y ]

I can’t…

・゚・(つД`)・゚・ sob


563 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 21:16:18 [ zjvwDgzs ]

/ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
,__     | May Pia-tan go on in happiness…。
/  ./\    \_______________
/  ./( ・ ).\       o〇      ヾ!;;;::iii|//”
/_____/ .(´ー`) ,\   ∧∧        |;;;;::iii|/゙
 ̄|| || || ||. |っ¢..|| ̄  (,,  ) ナモナモ   |;;;;::iii|
|| || || ||./,,, |ゝ iii~   ⊂ ヾwwwjjrjww!;;;;::iii|jwjjrjww〃
| ̄ ̄ ̄|~~凸( ̄)凸 (  ,,)~ wjwjjrj从jwwjwjjrj从jr


647 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 21:33:46 [ 8jk56/NE ]

I’m glad to have read this thread.
It has changed the way I see the world.

YOU-san, thank you.


687 名前: YOU ◆fkXmFVGog. 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 21:45:31 [ VBKQkAAU ]

Thanks, everyone.
I’m sorry to have caused trouble to the people around me.




690 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 21:46:19 [ vwJkupKk ]

Bye 1-san!!

714 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 21:51:10 [ qHWgzB3w ]

Thank you, 1-san!

744 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/10(金) 22:24:25 [ dQi4An7M ]

Thank you, YOU and Pia-tan.

797 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/11(土) 00:50:35 [ Atg6r0Io ]

I can’t see the monitor because of the tears…(´;へ;`) エグッエグッ


801 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・? 投稿日: 2005/06/11(土) 01:19:12 [ NwzaDVyo ]

She wasn’t trying to kill herself, so I’m guessing that she overdosed on something by mistake…
I’d like to think that it wasn’t suicide, and I hope she is happy now.

YOU-san, Pia-tan,
Thank you.





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    uwaaahh super おつ!!!(^∀^)

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    Thank you for sharing this unique thread

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    Thanks for that story!!!

  4. Mori says:

    I made at least 2-3 teardrops, even if I don’t believe this is real. This was still a nice read though.

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