My Room is Haunted By Women: Part 6

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Two more parts to go!

Note: Translated and edited from the thread archives here and here. Some responses will be cut for irrelevance or redundancy.






【Discussion】My Room is Haunted by Women【Introduction】


As the thread reached it’s sixth part, the replies were cluttered with idle banter.
Unable to keep up, >>1 stopped posting and moved to the temporary thread in the refuge board, which was originally meant for off topic conversations.


172 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:21:14 ID:MXcXmO2U

1-san, why not take refuge over here?
I guess you can’t continue at your own pace at the original thread any more.

173 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:22:58 ID:RYmq9glE

Even if he does come over here, I think those idiots at the main thread will follow him anyway.


175 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:24:44 ID:PPQ/cVwU

Anyway, it’s impossible to continue today.
The main thread’s atmosphere has been ruined!

Let’s have a constructive discussion here instead.

177 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:28:24 ID:qqgv7vh.

A constructive discussion…
I guess the goal is to find what Pia’s regrets are, so she can finally rest in peace?


178 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:29:37 ID:RYmq9glE

When this thread got featured as a Flash movie, you can’t blame it’s sudden surge in popularity.

I’m one of the newcomers (;´д`) sorry.


180 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:30:38 ID:s/g0UnhY

When something becomes popular, the weirdos always come…

181 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:30:57 ID:kYPyXT0w

I’m one of them too (;´д`)Sorry.


183 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:32:21 ID:B7Ivi0Go

I’m one of those who came to know about this from the flash movie… orz
I’m sorry…


184 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:33:04 ID:RYmq9glE

If you feed the trolls, they will keep coming back.
Everyone, just ignore them.


185 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:33:24 ID:/tEilZT.
The atmosphere’s pretty bad over there…


188 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:34:38 ID:k1GV.avc
Are you okay?

189 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:34:57 ID:PPQ/cVwU
Don’t worry, just ignore them and continue.

191 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:36:11 ID:B7Ivi0Go
It may be tough on the people archiving the thread later, but please continue updating here instead.


202 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:41:46 ID:/tEilZT.

She isn’t back yet…
And I haven’t eaten dinner…


203 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:43:14 ID:g4f6ybhg
She hasn’t returned?

I mentioned this on the previous thread too, but maybe Pia is starting to remember things about her past after having come in contact

with 1? Which would explain why she’s going out so often to look at things.

And please eat your dinner!


204 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:43:19 ID:5ewJhR2I
You’ve got to eat!!w
And cheer up a little.


211 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 20:47:21 ID:/tEilZT.

I’ll go have dinner now.

See you guys later.


254 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 21:24:02 ID:/tEilZT.

I’m back.
She’s not home yet…


275 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 21:34:34 ID:i/cuGsSk

Since it’s been pretty difficult today, and you’ve been using the computer for too long, please rest!
You can update any time you want, it doesn’t matter to us bystanders.


277 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 21:36:57 ID:/tEilZT.

Well, I’ll be off now.


281 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 21:37:58 ID:Twyvm4fM

Rest well!

285 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 21:38:13 ID:RixOSzzk
Thanks for the updates!

286 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/05(日) 21:38:21 ID:jsESGOuU
I’ll be sitting in front of the computer tomorrow morning waiting!



368 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 01:15:09 ID:DEQrW7X6

Pia is back!

Anyway, it’s late, so I’ll update with more details tomorrow!

I just noticed after looking at the thread on my phone, but I forgot to include my name all this while!

Good night guys.


369 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 01:17:46 ID:0GV52klg

Good for you, and good night!

371 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 01:19:14 ID:Zmj/6v.Y
Thanks for the update.
Now I can sleep in peace lol.

372 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 01:20:43 ID:u3wZnqFg
PIA TAN IS BACK━━━━━━≡゚∀゚)≡゚∀゚)≡゚∀゚)≡゚∀゚)≡゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!!



–The next day,



411 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 16:37:39 ID:XXs5UK6E

I’m back-!

On which thread should I update in?


415 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:03:22 ID:XXs5UK6E

Yesterday, I stayed up to wait, but I ended up falling asleep.

Then, I thought I heard someone calling me, and when I woke up, Pia was there.

“Ah, welcome back. Were you calling for me?”


“Oh… But more importantly, what were you doing outside this late?”


“Haha, I’m not angry! I was just wondering where you were.”

『I went to the park』

“I see.”


416 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:03:53 ID:OXy0XnYU
You seem happy.

417 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:13:22 ID:tP.UGzWo
She spent the whole day at the park?


419 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:14:54 ID:XXs5UK6E
Something good happened lol.
It’s not related to Pia though!

Sorry for the delay
↓The rest of the update

『There was a dog, so I chased after it.』

“A dog? You could see it?”


“Awesome! So, what happened?”

『It ran away』

“So, you were late because you were chasing the dog?”


“Don’t worry, I’m not angry! So, where’s the dog now?”

『I lost sight of it』

“I see.
But if there’s a dog you could see, maybe there are other things you can too!”

『Yes!(She was smiling)』


420 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:16:13 ID:umS.6ydA
Was it a dog, or a ghost…

423 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:19:09 ID:tP.UGzWo
Pia-tan seems to be displaying more emotions lol.


424 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:21:12 ID:ndK01Dgs
『Yes!(She was smiling)』

Man, she’s cute!

425 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:21:45 ID:.5lCI0fo
A smile゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚is good!!


432 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:26:04 ID:XXs5UK6E

I’m sorry for the late reply, but thank you guys for archiving the thread!


437 名前: あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:31:55 ID:.3ERZWDo

Maybe the dog got into contact with her the same way YOU-san did…?

Or is Pia starting to be able to see living dogs?


439 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:34:09 ID:XXs5UK6E
I’ll try asking.

“What kind of dog did you see yesterday?”

『It was a stray, I think?
 Like a mixed breed.』


450 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:45:51 ID:XXs5UK6E

“Did the dog touch you, or something?”


“You mean, you could see it from the very beginning?”



455 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:51:28 ID:D5r0rbCo

Maybe their wavelengths matched?

It’s amazing Pia didn’t get lost finding her way home after chasing the dog!

This may be a silly question, but when you turn off all the lights in your room, can you still see Pia and those other spirits?

My friend says that he could see them even in darkness, but I want to know.


458 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 17:56:51 ID:XXs5UK6E
I can see them.
And thanks to you, I remembered a traumatic experience…


465 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 18:00:13 ID:v9TodvXA

So Pia was chasing after a dog… lol
Is there some sort of criteria for Pia to be able to see living things…

This is off-topic, but can you ask if Pia has things she’s afraid of?


469 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 18:15:44 ID:XXs5UK6E

This happened when I was in elementary school.

I stayed with my grandmother during the summer break, and I always took the room on the second floor.

One night, I was spacing out while looking at the sky outside my window (The stars were beautiful). My grandmother stayed in a rural

area, so there were no street lights at night, and the place was in pitch darkness.

When I looked down at the fields, I saw someone standing there.

Since there were no lights, normally nothing can be seen clearly, but that thing was strangely vivid.

It was wearing a straw hat, and dressed like a farmer, and was holding some sort of harvesting scythe.
And it stood stock still, and was just staring into the distance.

I was a kid then, so I was terrified. I jumped into my futon, and fell asleep later.

The next day, I cautiously looked out of the window, but there was nothing there.

Sorry for the long post.




475 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 18:29:59 ID:XXs5UK6E

“Hey, Pia, do you have things you don’t like?”

『(There was a pause)I’m not sure』

“I see, thanks.”



『That strange dance.』

“Strange dance…?
 …Haha! You mean the Utopia?
 Sorry!I think I went too far with that one!w”

『It’s fine.(she smiled)』


482 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 18:32:59 ID:baU.H7fo

The “It’s surprisingly Utopia!” dance will now be known for scaring spirits lol.


483 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 18:33:03 ID:AqJHLzos
So it was the Utopia lol.
Also, Pia-tan is smiling a lot more recently~


502 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 18:59:16 ID:XXs5UK6E
I’m really sorry everyone! I can never get used to this flood of responses…

“Was the dog from yesterday alive? Or was it a ghost?”

『(There was a pause)I think it was alive.』


512 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:18:27 ID:KMye8xLo

One question-
Does Pia breathe?
→Or does she not breathe like how she doesn’t need food?
Does she blink?
→She probably doesn’t have tears, and since her eyes won’t be irritated, I guess she doesn’t have to?


515 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:24:31 ID:XXs5UK6E
She does blink.
And she looks like she’s breathing.

“Why do you think it was alive?”

『It felt like it was.』

“Could you see it clearly?”

『Yes, about the same.』

“Same as?”

『Um, what should I call you?』

“Me? Hang on…”

…What should I say?


516 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:25:09 ID:/347DlLA
Just tell her your real name.
And replace it with YOU in this thread.

517 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:25:22 ID:baU.H7fo

518 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:25:50 ID:DTkDdDHI
Just use “YOU”.

519 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:26:24 ID:wyCANl/U
Use another word for You, “Anata”!


536 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:33:27 ID:XXs5UK6E
Got it, I’ll use my real name.
I’ll replace it with YOU on this thread.

“Just call me YOU.”

『Okay. (She seems happy.)』


540 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:34:57 ID:51old62A

Is it really alright, telling a ghost your real name?
I think some others have posted similar concerns.


548 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:40:31 ID:XXs5UK6E
Yeah, it’s been mentioned…
But um, I guess I’ll be fine.


558 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:53:38 ID:vtiDCcnI

I just thought about this, but is 1 only writing things that can be posted here?

Like, are there things that you think you shouldn’t post, so you don’t write about it?


560 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:56:19 ID:XXs5UK6E

No, I’ve summarized some things,
And it’s just the less interesting things I’ve taken out,
so it’s nothing major or dangerous.

And I don’t write about things that doesn’t have to be mentioned, like if it’s not related to Pia.


561 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 19:56:22 ID:Q6kbGBLg

Personally, I want to hear about >>1’s good news!


569 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 20:02:53 ID:XXs5UK6E

But I’ll have dinner first!


571 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 20:03:48 ID:XEZ093Gc

Did you start getting along with the girl you like? lol


572 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 20:04:11 ID:YRxJLxMM

Oh, 1-san is here!
I want to hear about the frequency of your conversations. It’s not like you’re always talking to Pia, right?


601 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 20:31:15 ID:XXs5UK6E

I’m back

Are you an ESPer!?

We just do as we like, most of the time.
Pia’s usually sitting in the corner, so she talks to me or pokes me from time to time.


608 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 20:36:40 ID:O8IotsRE

I bet Pia has nothing to do with >>1 is sleeping.
She did say that she doesn’t have to sleep.


610 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 20:38:14 ID:XXs5UK6E

You’re right…
I wonder if there’s anything she can do to pass the time…


612 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 20:40:37 ID:O8IotsRE

Killing time when >>1 is asleep…

…would mean playing by herself when 1 is asleep?


613 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 20:40:39 ID:7Wr92xmA
You really seem more excited than usual today lol.


637 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 20:54:56 ID:XXs5UK6E

“What do you do when I’m asleep?”

『Nothing much,
Sometimes I go out.』

“Are you bored?”

『A little.』


649 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 21:05:40 ID:o.oWorws

I think it’s about time for >1 to rest, but I have a question.
Does Pia-tan know what year it is?
And can she read things written by other people?


651 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 21:05:59 ID:XqurfEw6

You should get her some cosmetics from the convenience store!
When you’re on a break, you could help her choose something she likes…
Wait,but she can’t see those objects if 1-san is not with her, right?


654 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 21:07:43 ID:NDCQ0YK.

Can she pass through walls?


660 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 21:14:32 ID:XqurfEw6

Since she has a sense of smell (albeit weak), how about getting her some perfume?
If it’s perfume, 1-san won’t have any trouble buying it, right?

Also, perfume used to be popular in the past, so maybe it might help Pia-tan remember something.
We aren’t conscious of it, but we can remember smells better than anything else.
Like how a certain smell could remind you of something.


666 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/06(月) 21:21:44 ID:XXs5UK6E


I told her previously.

I’m not too sure about things written by other people, though.
I’ll get the supervisor to write something tomorrow.


It’s a pretty small corner, but I think we stock cosmetics.
I’ll try buying some.

I think so.
She goes out when I’m not around…

That’s a good idea.
Where can I find some?

Sorry, going off for today.


807 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 21:37:40 ID:.lILX/Ns

Sorry for the late update today.
I went to sleep as soon as I got home, then took a shower and had dinner.


808 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 21:38:17 ID:VrByw52Y

Welcome back 1-san!

809 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 21:39:26 ID:xtcwkduU
How are you feeling?


822 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 21:59:45 ID:.lILX/Ns
I’m fine.

I bought some cheap lipstick at the convenience store. I gave it to Pia saying “It’s a present.”.
(TBH, I can’t pass it to her so i just left it on the table.

『Thank you!』

She’s been smiling a lot more recently.

Also, I asked my supervisor to write something for Pia while thinking strongly of the message he wants to convey.

He wrote,

「I’m supporting you too, so please do your best.」

He’s such a nice person w.

I went to sleep after giving her the lipstick, so I haven’t shown the message to her yet.


823 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 22:01:30 ID:f63n5eow

Ooh, lipstick!
What color did you get? Something modern like natural?


837 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 22:11:58 ID:HaJlHMTA

That’s great, remember to open the lipstick for her.
I want to ask about Pia-chan’s appearance.
I’m not sure how to phrase this, um
(Something like her opacity!?)
Does that change?


849 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 22:22:58 ID:.lILX/Ns


Don’t worry. I opened it before giving it to her!

About the question of her appearance, that reminds me.
I forgot to say this, but recently I can see her all the time.

“Here, have a look”

I let her see the message from my supervisor.

『What’s this?
 YOU(←I wrote my name on the makeshift Ouija paper)wrote this?』

“No, it’s a friend of mine. He can’t see Pia, but he’s cheering you on.”

『Really?(She looked surprised)』


『That’s nice.(She looked happy)』


857 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 22:27:34 ID:q5xhoehk

Can Pia see your supervisor?
I remember that he tried to touch her but failed.


863 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 22:30:14 ID:Z27VuJTU

She’s starting to show more emotions…
But is she still sitting in the corner?


878 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 22:38:17 ID:.lILX/Ns

She couldn’t see him, and he couldn’t touch her.

Apart from when she’s moving, she’s usually sitting down.

Maybe I’ll bring Pia along to the convenience store tomorrow.
I’m going to sleep soon, night.


879 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/07(火) 22:39:28 ID:VrByw52Y
Good night!


1021 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/08(水) 21:01:25 ID:mD99G.uw


Sorry for making everyone worry.
I always wake up late w
I’m a heavy sleeper, so I need at least 10 hours of sleep.

I brought her to my workplace today, so I’ll update about that.
Just a little more!


1024 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/08(水) 21:02:24 ID:e5mX2NYQ
Welcome back!

1025 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/08(水) 21:02:43 ID:4RBlAp3M
Awawa~ Welcome back!

1026 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/08(水) 21:03:05 ID:j4xWO.Vk


1037 名前:YOU ◆fkXmFVGog.[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/08(水) 21:18:41 ID:mD99G.uw

Cutting to the chase, my supervisor couldn’t see Pia, and Pia couldn’t see him.
But after seeing his message, Pia wanted to thank him.
When I told my supervisor, he appeared bashful, and said “Well, if anything happens I hope I can be of some help. Can you tell her that?”

And then Pia said 『Thank you.』
She looked a little curious, but she seemed happy.
Anyway, it’s my first time being some sort of interpreter w.

I think Pia seemed more energetic after that, and after I had dinner she said that she was going out.
『You should go to sleep first』, she said.


1040 名前:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・?[sage] 投稿日:2005/06/08(水) 21:21:47 ID:OZscSY22
Ah, so the supervisor couldn’t see her in the end…
And you’ve got a nice supervisor w



Following this, people started discussing about the world after death and spirits.
And the next day… Things changed.

————————————————————————Part 6 (End)


3 thoughts on “My Room is Haunted By Women: Part 6

  1. uwaaaa pia-tan is sooo かわいい!thank you!! I can’t wait to read the nxt one! :DD

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