My Room is Haunted by Women: Part 2

Part 1 here. This thread follows the observations of the thread starter, as he interacts with Pia. It’s surprisingly Utopia!

Note: Translated and edited from the thread archives here and here. Some responses will be cut for irrelevance or redundancy.






My Room is Haunted By Women: Part 2

May 29th


62 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 18:58:54 ID:pDLAdOqH0
>>51 (When asked for his age)

>>53 (When asked about where he stays)
Well, in Tokyo.


69 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 19:01:45 ID:pDLAdOqH0

(TL Note: “Komanechi!” is an 80s running gag by Beat Takeshi, in reference to Nadia Elena Comăneci.)

And there was no reply.
Am I an idiot?

“Did you get that joke?”

Maybe she can’t remember.


100 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 19:11:15 ID:pDLAdOqH0

“Do you have any memories?”
『I don’t know.』

“What music do you like?”

“Ah, did I ask too much at once? Shall we take a break?”

132 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 19:23:24 ID:pDLAdOqH0
Hmm, I’ll try asking later

“Do you need anything to eat?”

“Really? Well, I’m going to eat, so what will you do?”
『I’ll be fine.』


207 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 20:11:16 ID:pDLAdOqH0
She’s sitting in the same position, staring into space.

“Hey, do you know what year it is?”

228 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 20:19:01 ID:pDLAdOqH0

“It’s the year 2005.”
She looks like she doesn’t understand.



246 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 20:24:49 ID:pDLAdOqH0
You guys… Are panties the only thing you can think about?
But yeah, I can see them.

294 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 20:39:06 ID:pDLAdOqH0

“What were you doing before you came here? Or rather, what do you do when you aren’t here?”
『I wander』

“For all this time?”
『All the time.』


“I see. Was it lonely?”

“Is there anything I can do for you?”
『I don’t want to be alone.』


I’m starting to feel sympathetic…
I’ve never been alone, so I don’t quite understand, but it must be hard to bear.

308 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 20:46:02 ID:pDLAdOqH0

“By the way, I can see your underwear. (Not that I’m looking now)”
『Don’t look.』

I apologized, but its her fault for sitting in that position!
Doesn’t she feel embarrassed? Well, she did seem lonely, so maybe she does have emotions.

Ah, by the way, the old woman and the child are still in my room.


310 名前:本当にあった怖い名無し :2005/05/29(日) 20:46:47 ID:h98UU3kC0

311 名前:本当にあった怖い名無し :2005/05/29(日) 20:47:03 ID:L9c4XzHn0
>>308 is so cute!

315 名前:本当にあった怖い名無し :2005/05/29(日) 20:48:34 ID:AViM5Ryn0
It’s so moemoe!



322 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog.. :2005/05/29(日) 20:50:34 ID:pDLAdOqH0
“Hey, can you make noise come out of the television?”

337 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 20:57:37 ID:pDLAdOqH0
“How did you make that knocking sound the first time I talked to you?”
『I just wanted to answer.』

“What else can you do?”
『I don’t know.』

“I see.”


354 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog.. :2005/05/29(日) 21:06:52 ID:pDLAdOqH0

Pia hasn’t noticed the old woman and the child.
They haven’t tried to communicate with her either.

I’ll give it a try.

“So how did you talk when you said ‘Hey, hey…’?”
『I don’t know.』

“Were you aware that you were saying it?”
『Yes. I wanted to talk』

“I see.”



369 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 21:13:21 ID:pDLAdOqH0
 They haven’t noticed me either lol

Got it.

“Look at this.”
(The thread starter shows Pia the Juliana dance)

“Was it nostalgic?”

“Really?! Do you remember it?”

There was a pause, and,
『I don’t know.』

“Well, if you remember anything, just tell me”


405 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 21:30:14 ID:pDLAdOqH0

“Pia, what is your impression of me?”



406 名前:本当にあった怖い名無し :2005/05/29(日) 21:30:19 ID:6cR0M1ZkO

I want to make Pia smile.
She must have been so lonely (;´Д⊂)
Good luck 1-san!

【The thread starter then forms a plan to get Pia to smile】

429 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 21:41:44 ID:pDLAdOqH0
“Well, there are lots of people cheering you on, so let’s take it slowly, okay?”


“A bunch of lovable idiots, lol”

I think she smiled, but I wasn’t looking.

【But he got his feelings across, lol】

437 名前:本当にあった怖い名無し :2005/05/29(日) 21:43:18 ID:E/RTnFJ0O
Idiots? What idiots!?

438 名前:本当にあった怖い名無し :2005/05/29(日) 21:43:28 ID:AViM5Ryn0
Pia-tan smiled! Pia-tan smiled! (a-la Clara’s walking scene in Heidi)



462 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 21:51:12 ID:pDLAdOqH0

“Can I take a picture?”

So I took one, but there’s nothing.

596 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 22:34:03 ID:pDLAdOqH0

I guess this will have to do.
But there’s really nothing!


626 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog.. :2005/05/29(日) 22:46:00 ID:pDLAdOqH0

Sorry about that.

“Pia, do you have a sense of smell?”
『Sort of.』

“What do you mean?”
『It’s vague』

“Hmm, like a blocked nose?”
『Something like that.』

“I see! Pia has a blocked nose!”

“It was just a joke, lol”
『I know』

“Do you get tired, or hungry?”

“Eh, then, you don’t sleep?”



655 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 22:57:05 ID:pDLAdOqH0
Everytime I see her, she’s sitting with her knees folded towards her chest.
(・∀・ )←And at this angle.

“I’ll have to go to work tomorrow, so what will you do, Pia?”
『I’ll come along.』

“You want to follow me to work?”
『I can’t?』

“Nope, it’s fine.”

So she’s tagging along tomorrow.


685 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog.. :2005/05/29(日) 23:03:58 ID:pDLAdOqH0
She’s not wearing any mascara, I think.

“Hey… what does Pia want from me?”
『I don’t want to be alone.』

“But we can’t be together forever.”
『I know.』


And that was the end of the conversation.
What is this atmosphere…?
Should I try and communicate with the other spirits?

720 名前:本当にあった怖い名無し :2005/05/29(日) 23:14:47 ID:W+SliO/50
I think the kid is creepy.
I haven’t really looked at her so I’m not sure, though.

734 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 23:20:00 ID:pDLAdOqH0
Is that so?
Well, the kid kind of has this Uhhyou! Uhhyou! sort of atmosphere about her (Figuratively speaking).
It’s like she’s jumping around all the time.


824 名前: ◆fkXmFVGog. :2005/05/29(日) 23:46:52 ID:pDLAdOqH0
“I’m going to sleep. Good night.”
『Good night.』

————————————————————————Part 2 (End)

Part 3→


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